Infections + MS

Hi all I hope you are feeling well. I’m not :frowning: I have had MS for the past 6 years and I am 27 years old. Over a week ago I was really run down… Had all the symptoms of a flu even after a flu jab. A few days later I ended up at the walk in centre to find out I had a throat and an ear infection. A week on I feel ok and finished my course of antibiotics and now have a new set of symptoms. - weak on the left side of my body - where my MS began - I can grip things using my left hand but I have dropped things esp my phone - my left arm feels heavy at the top - balance issues - quite rare but it has happened at least twice - blocked nose and general tiredness with my hands ways cold and a dry mouth and I have moments when all I do is shiver - recently lost weight unintentionally with my hair thinning at the front I don’t know what to do… Is it my MS or after effects of an infection? Shall I rest it out and let them pass or act on it? I feel really scared and don’t want to take steroids if it is my MS! :frowning: Please help!


As it’s still quite soon after the infection, I’d be inclined to give it more time, to see if it improves. A week really isn’t very long, if you know there have been some recent health issues. Blocked nose is not an MS symptom, and sounds as if the infection may still not be quite gone…

Besides, if you don’t want steroids anyway, what action is there? IF it becomes obvious it’s a relapse, and not just the after-effects of an infection, it’s probably a good idea to let your GP or MS nurse know, as frequency of relapses may influence which treatments (DMDs) are open to you in future. However, it’s not compulsory to have steroids for a relapse. You can report it but decline treatment, if you want. There’s no evidence steroids change long-term outcomes anyway, so it’s entirely a matter of personal choice. You wouldn’t be doing yourself any harm if you said no to them.


Hi Anon

I am in a similar boat to you.

I am on my second course of antibiotics for yet another infection and my MS symptoms have really been playing up.

My MS Nurse asked me if I wanted to go in for a course of steroids and I said I would wait for now. She did say that if I had an infection then I wouldn’t be able to take them til the infection had cleared so she said once I finish this course of antibiotics then get a blood test done and if clear best to start steroids.

I said that I didn’t want steroids so we are just gonna see if I feel better once I finish the antibiotics.

I really hope you feel better soon and I understand how rubbish you feel but now that you have finished your antiibiotics you might start feeling better in a few days.

Fingers crossed eh?

Shazzie xx

Hello anon. Sometimes one course of antibiotics is not always enough to get on top of an infection…if your feeling no better tomorrow then go back to walk in centre or see your gp just to rule that out. Take care

Oh how awful, think they may be related, but not the blocked nose (try olbas oil on your pillow or on a hankie).

Write down when your symptoms started and then how long they last, just so you can tell your Dr/MS nurse.

I’d go back if your not feeling well after a few days.

Look after yourself - lots of water and rest.

Jen x

You all are lovely and it’s a great help reading your comments. I got really worried earlier… But I heard what I wanted too so feel releived

You all are lovely and it’s a great help reading your comments. I got really worried earlier… But I heard what I wanted too so feel releived

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Have you looked into Vitamin B12 deficiency - as your symptoms do match. Especially the thinning hair. There has been some really good info on this site - going back about 10days. Look it up - or just google vitamin b12 deficiency hair loss. Or vitamin b12 deficiency MS.