Infections + MS

Hi all I hope you are feeling well. I’m not :frowning: I have had MS for the past 6 years and I am 27 years old. Over a week ago I was really run down… Had all the symptoms of a flu even after a flu jab. A few days later I ended up at the walk in centre to find out I had a throat and an ear infection. A week on I feel ok and finished my course of antibiotics and now have a new set of symptoms. - weak on the left side of my body - where my MS began - I can grip things using my left hand but I have dropped things esp my phone - my left arm feels heavy at the top - balance issues - quite rare but it has happened at least twice - blocked nose and general tiredness with my hands ways cold and a dry mouth and I have moments when all I do is shiver - recently lost weight unintentionally with my hair thinning at the front I don’t know what to do… Is it my MS or after effects of an infection? Shall I rest it out and let them pass or act on it? I feel really scared and don’t want to take steroids if it is my MS! :frowning: Please help!

Hiya I always seem to be getting colds and infections and i was told that it can make your ms symptoms worse. It might be worth just giving your ms nurse a call and asking him/her though x