Can illness making things worse?

Dear All. I have been ill.

Only a cold, but even colds seem to hit me harder now that I have MS.

Aching all over, complete blocked nose etc and loss of hearing for a couple of days etc.

My question… I have been left with worsened MS symptoms. (All of the ones that I had are stronger)

Does anyone know if this is common? Should I do anything? Will they abate?

thank you


Yes, it happens to me. I too have had a cold. As colds go it wasn’t that bad, but it did affect my MS very noticeably. It’s taken about three weeks for me to get somewhere close to where I was before.

I have PPMS and am not on any meds.

Hope you pick up soon.

Eve x

When I am incubating a cold or viral infection I feel better than usual - it’s as if the virus knocks out the m.s. Afterwards my m.s. symptoms get worse but then things get back to what they were like before.

Hi Ali, I hope you feel better soon.

Yes, my MS symptoms are always far worse when I have an infection. Whether it is a bladder infection, a cold, or for example 18 months ago I had a gall bladder infection, that took me 6 months to recover from.

On steroids: I question whether using steroids makes things worse. I have decided to stop using steroids, as I feel my immunity to infection is so compromised, with my ability to fight off infection being increasingly poor.

And this issue raises an important question - “I always have an infection 10 days before the start of a relapse” - so how much harm am I doing to myself by taking steroids?? Steroids dampen down your immune system.

This issue raises important questions.


My MS goes quiet while i have an infection,its 6 weeks after the infection i have a relapse.

Thank you all, for your replies. My symptoms stay with me and ebb and flow like the tide. Definitely worse at the moment. I am still awaiting full diagnosis and am looking forward to being allocated an MS nurse. It is all so new to me and your advice is so welcomed. Ali

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I can’t wait for this ‘lurgy’ to go I haven’t had a bug/cold for years. Hellish feeling bug picked up from a young relative, I will be very glad when it’s just my MS to cope with! Take care, be safe and I hope you have a great Christmas. M x