Steroids after flareup

So I’ve had this stomach problem for a week now and it’s barely shifting, bloods have been taken by my GP which showed markers for inflammation, which I guess is caused by some sort of infection.

GP is saying its some form gastroenteritis, but a week on and no relief is a bit of a concern.

My MS symptoms have without doubt got worse over this period of time, theres no new symptoms, just the existing ones have tweaked up a good few notches, right leg dragging, no lift at all, muffled cotton wool feeling on hands and left forearm, and balance is worse than it has ever been.

This literally started overnight when I started to feel ill with the stomach issue.

My query is this, should I try to get steroids from the MS clinic ?

I’ve read a bit about flare ups V a Relapse, and from what I read both could be classed as the same thing, or at least very similar.

A concern is that a flare up due to infection could in theory still leave long term damage, just like a relapse, so therefor should I be asking for steroids, it’s a week now and the stomach issue is ongoing so the flare up will surely continue ?

Hi jactac, sorry ur going thru the mill just now. It does sound like ur infection is aggravating ur ms symptoms rather than ur having a relapse at the same time. Ur body is busy fighting off infection so it’s just got less energy to keep everything else going - I often think of it as our neurons are that bit slower getting info back to the brain and so ms symptoms feel worse. As u say the increase in ur ms symptoms was at same time as infection started. I’m just recovering from a virus and had a bout of severe dizziness that’s gone with it. My first thought was new ms symptom but it started same day I got sore throat and it is finally improving now I’ve stopped coughing and sneezing. I would steer clear of steroids unless ur ms nurse and consultant think u are having ms relapse, they are pretty vicious on ur system, no sleep etc and ur body can fight infection better with plenty of sleep. Hope u feel better soon, froo


Hi Froo,

Thanks for your reply, glad your feeling better.

I’m going to ring my MS nurse this morning to see what he says, I did ring last week when this all started to kick off but someone else rang me back, who, if I’m totally honest just couldn’t be bothered to listen.

On the subject of sleep, I really don’t get good sleep, haven’t for a couple of years, I go to bed, sleep for around two hours, wake up, just toss fully awake about for around hour and half, sometimes much longer, then nod off for about another hour or so, wake again, go through same process, then I might, if I’m lucky get an hour before its time to get up.

Its like this every night !

Whether you need steroids or not, I would be very wary of taking oral ones if you’re having stomach/gut troubles. Oral steroids can be very hard on the digestive system. If I needed steroids and was having gut troubles, I would want IV rather than oral, that’s for sure.




Fair point Alison.

I’ll mention this when/if MS nurse rings back.


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Just heard back from my MS nurse, he says they are reluctant to offer steroids just yet as it looks like this could be a flare up due to the stomach issues, and things should hopefully settle when the stomach issue passes.

Fingers crossed eh !

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