last 2 weeks ive been having symptoms. dizzyness, tired all day, slight muscle spasms. ive also had like a runny nose as well which is making me wonder if i have an underlying virus that could be triggering the ms. Does this sound plausible? or is it just a relapse?

fatigue / allergy / a summer cold??

mmmaybe, if it is a cold of some sort, it will be the first one ove had in over 10 years. im away to see the nurse tomorrow anyway so al see what she says.

I had the same several months ago and I happened to be seeing my neuro at the time too. He told me I had a virus. It soon passed but it’s annoying at the time. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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Any kind of infection, but especially one that causes a temperature (even slight) can cause what is called a pseudo-relapse, yes.

A pseudo-relapse is when symptoms are worse, but it’s not due to new disease activity, but some external factor such as over-exertion, or an infection.


Infections can also trigger relapses.

“You are more than twice as likely to have a relapse in the week prior to, or the 5 weeks after, an infection”. This is from the Barts MS Blog. That includes viral and bacterial infections and not only UTI infections.

Just a thought, but have you been under any stress? I know this wouldn’t cause a runny nose, but with me it usually brings a surge of MS symptoms. Also, stress can run you down and make you vulnerable to anything that’s going around, a summer cold maybe.


Actually, oddly enough, stress/anxiety can cause a runny nose! I always get a runny nose, as well as needing the loo all the time, if I’m anxious.

Mind you, I’m a bit prone to a runny nose already, but it’s more noticeable if I have an exam, interview or (more recently) hospital appointment.


the only thing i can think of, is some mild job stress and a few volatile weekends on the magic potion. Got blood results back today, theyre fine apparently, so its an mri theyre after. Not the best news ive had. Think al stay in this weekend, sort myself out.