relapse trigger????

Hi Everybody,

I’ve got the most godawful cough and cold at the moment and was wondering, is this likely to trigger a relapse or should i start feeling better as soon as my cold starts to improve?


Ann Marie XXXX

Hi Ann Marie,

My understanding is that a ‘relapse’ is new symptoms or re-occuring old symptoms present for more that 24 hrs without the presence of a virus or infection. So basically when we have colds or flu we can have a flare-up of symptoms but this is not technically a relapse. Once the infection or virus has passed things should resolve! It is avisable to have the flu-jab in autumn as well as we have auto-immune conditions, also getting loas of vit c never hurts!

Hope you feel better soon x

Hi Ann Marie,

Respiratory infections (like colds!) can trigger a relapse, but if it did, it would be four or five weeks later, not during the cold itself. And of course, you don’t know what might have happened in four or five weeks anyway, so it would be almost impossible ever to say with certainty: “The cold did it!” Perhaps, but perhaps not. As there’s nothing you can do about it anyway, and worrying won’t help, I think the best thing is to live your life, and not get too hung up on whether every cold will cause a relapse. A few might, but it’s not inevitable, and you can’t live in a plastic bubble!