Colds and relapses

Hi everyone hope all is well! Unfortunately no matter how hard I’ve tried to avoid people with colds, flus and bugs, I’ve managed to wake up with a raw throat and sniffles. I’m still recovering from two severe relapses and I’m so scared that having a cold will cause a relapse. Should I be worried? X

Hi Mini,

Unfortunately, colds do increase the risk of relapse for several weeks afterwards, but I don’t think there’s any point in worrying about it, at it doesn’t mean you will definitely have a relapse, and there’s nothing you can do about it anyway.

It’s not possible to live a normal life without ever getting a cold, and we do want to live as normal a life as possible, don’t we?

Whilst I do encourage friends to be thoughtful, and not visit or ask to meet up if they have an absolute stinker, I realise I’m just as likely to pick up a cold on the bus, in Sainsbury’s, or at the paper shop. Unless I cut out all those things as well, I’ll never get coughs and colds down to zero. And even visiting the doctor or hospital - which we all have to do occasionally - means I’m quite likely to pick up something there.

So honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. Where does it get you?


Hello there Mini,I hope you’re not too cold-ridden.May I suggest you get some high dose vitamin C tablets,something to soothe your throat and a large bar of chocolate to help keep your morale up.Tina has given you some good advice, and I have started using one of those hand disinfectant thingies for when I have been touching stuff in the shops etc.

Oh,one other thing I’ve stopped doing is holding paper money in my mouth when I’ve run out of hands,and generally being aware that all money is grubby…Filthy lucre,


Wb x

Thank you both. Feeling a lot better today drank about 3 litres of OJ in 24 hours and cracked on with the beechams. Also got myself some of the anti bacteria gel stuff so thanks for that too it’s just another query in top of the rest :frowning: x

Sorry worry not query ha x

Sorry worry not query ha x

I am worried about exactly the same thing Mini. I’ve had a cold since last week and only now beginning to feel better…I work in a school with Reception children, always coughing and sneezing all over me…how nice!! I got some Detol spray today to put on door handles etc in my class room and probably at home…very sad indeed but needs must!!

Fingers crossed no relapses as a result…especially as going away at Easter xx

Take care


It’s a pain Emma. Fingers crossed that we get through it! X