Can anybody help ? Please !!!

Hi all, been a while since I was on here.

I need advice and would really appreciate any that I may get !

I have a problem with a dry cough that I’ve had for well over a year.

It’s a tickly cough that leaves me choking because my cough reflex doesn’t work very well.

I’ve been to my GP, seen 4 different doctors and they still haven’t been able to sort it out !

I have had a chest x-ray, no problem there.

I have had a lung function test, also no problem.

I have been given an inhaler, antibiotics, corsodyl spray and omeprazole (for acid reflux) and none of these have worked.

I’ve also tried sucking strepsils but they too don’t really help.

The doctors can’t seem to see past my MS and continually assume this is MS related.

I would like to ask if anybody else has the same, or a similar problem ?

Is it really MS related ? Have you found a treatment that works ?

I really need help on this because it’s affecting everything. It’s disturbing my sleep, eating and life in general !

Thank you for reading, and thanks, in adveance, for any help !!

Seb xxx

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The one thing that you do not mention, Seb, is whether you are on any medication for any other condition.

For example, some of the medication used on people with high blood pressure/heart condition (like ACE Inhibitors) can lead to a tickly dry cough.

If you are on any other medication, the best thing to do is to have a word with your local Pharmacist, and ask what are you taking that could lead to a cough. Comments from a Pharmacist are usually better to take into your GP than something that you can look up on the Internet.


My husband has had a bad chesty cough for 18 months… He does not have ms!

He did however have the flu at this time. It was not confirmed but we wondered if it was swine flu. He was pretty ill and he had a really bad chest which has still not totally gone away. He is also extremely tired.

I know this sounds strange but we believe he is struggling to get rid of the virus. Antibiotics don’t work on a virus so theres no treatment for him and there is no other explanation for it at the moment.

My hubby is a little overweight and was told to lose weight.

If he was a smoker they would have told him to stop smoking and because you have ms they are blaming it on that!!

Nothing disturbs my hubby’s sleep - lol!! but he is disturbing mine as his breathing is so raspy it keeps me awake.

You will be struggling more than my hubby as you have the added ms probs as well.

Sorry i have no solution for you but i can sympathise.

Dr Geoff has given good advice also. You need to look at all medication you are taking to see if it is causing the problems.

When i was given propanalol for palpitations the made me cough realy badly and it was a dry hacking cough this dissapeared when i came of them,maybe its one of your meds affacting you.


Thanks DoctorGeoff, crochunter and anonymous for your help/advice !

DoctorGeoff, I am also on meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol but I have been prescribed these since I had my cough, not before, so I don’t think they are to blame (if only it was that simple !!) lol

Seb x

Hi seb - I had a bad cough for months and months last year and the only thing that seemed to get rid of it was having more dairy and taking a vitamin b12 supplement. Not sure if you’re taking any vitamin b12 but could be worthwhile mentioning this to the gp. I’m in the process of waiting for blood results to see what difference my b12 levels are now that I’m taking a higher strength supplement. My cough literally disappeared once I started eating dairy again

I tried gargling with TCP in a bit of water, a few times a day cant beleive how successful it was