Totally fed up

Had a cold over a week ago and it’s left me with the nastiest cough ever (according to doctor no chest infection) but it’s keeping me awake all night not that I sleep that well to start with :frowning: tried allsorts treacle, vinegar & butter warmed up. Hot lemonade & whisky with a tsp of sugar. Really need something to cut it, other half suggested a knife!! He was joking by the way & ontop of that fell dow the staircase this morning - only 6 steps but by heck I hurt :frowning: Anyone got any more home made potions that might help me sleep fed up of getting up at 4am every morning xx

My other half said hot water, normal measure of whisky and honey (A hot toddie) he swears by it for a cough so it is worth a try. Good Luck xx


Simillar to the hot Lemonade, whisky & sugar had 4 already lol so may try that one tommorow night. Thanks Sue xx

My hubby was given antibiotics by the GP for his cough. He didn’t have a chest infection but the cough just kept going on for over two weeks so that’s why he was given meds. They worked, so I would go back to you gp if it doesn’t clear up.

Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering like this.

I get a silly tickly cough, that keeps me awake sometimes. I have found what helps and lets me go back to sleep.

It is Asda`s own chesty cough mixture.

I have recommended it to others and they say it works for them too.

luv Pollx

hi bambi,

not sure where you live as you not created a profile yet.

if your in wales , i use a fab herbal medicine called ’ hactos’. i usually put a bit in a cup and put some hot water in it n mix it up then. then sip over time.

its fab for those horrible tickly coughs that one gets.

i also am a huge fan of the herbal remedy ’ echinachea’. i swear by it for any virus type illnesses and others actually.

hope this helps hun n be well soon


Anna x

Poll been using that but it hasn’t helped :frowning: Anna. Been using Echinachea for years, don’t get half as many colds now but when I do get one it lingers for weeks :frowning: I’m take a look at the Hactos next time I’m in town. It’s a lot looser today was getting quite anxious last night as I was really wheezing & struggling for breath. Another hot toddy & a vic steam seem to do the trick, but will deffinatley be going back to doctors tommorow just for another check over. Thanks all Sue x

Benylin is the standby in this house for keeping-awake coughs. Important to get ‘Original’ - the one with diphenhydramine in it. It is an old-fashioned anti-histamine and it knocks me out like a light. Alison x

I did think that Echinacea was not recommended for people with MS, as it stimulates the immune system.

Oooo I never knew that Annie - how can I find out? Sue

Hi Annie is right it is not recommended for people with ms. I went into Holland and Barrett to get some and the man at the tills asked what medication I was on. When he realised I had ms he checked on their computer and said it was not to be taken by people with ms.

:frowning: looks like my Holland & Barrett aren’t that clued up then because I did ask if it was okay for me to take!!

I’ve heard that about echinachea as well - we shouldn’t have it