Hi all,

I have recently - over the past couple or weeks (give or take) - had a tickly cough. It feels like mucus or phlegm stuck at the back of my throat.

Has anyone else had anything similar to this? I’m wondering if it is an MS respiritory problem.



I’ve had it but it was sinus related as opposed to ms related. The cough has gone but I’ve still got sinus problems and also ear problems that I’m waiting for an ENT specialist appointment for. Worth speaking to the gp and getting it checked out

I have it too, but don’t know if it’s MS related. I’ve always been a bit prone to bronchial problems, even as a child. Winters were one long cold, and I once had a congested lung.

Lately, I’m not such a martyr to colds, but I have an almost constant tickle, and problems with catarrh. I also find I can’t talk very long without my voice getting hoarse. People ask if I’ve got a cold, when I haven’t. I do think it has slightly worsened over the time period that I believe I’ve had MS (which is much longer than I’ve been diagnosed), but I can’t be sure whether it’s related, or just “normal for me”.

My mother, who doesn’t have MS, is also like it, so it may be genetic. I think it could be linked to asthma, as I used to have an inhaler for asthma, but never got on very well with it, as I found that when maximum need arose, I was unable to inhale the spray, as it tickled and made things worse.

I find I get worse in the presence of strong smells, like frying or cigarette smoke, if there’s an abrupt change of atmosphere (e.g. coming indoors from a cold day), or lying down.

None of this really answers you, I know. And I can’t tell whether it’s an MSy thing or not. Oh, and I can’t go anywhere without a hankie, either. If I realise I’ve left the house without one, I have to go back, or stop at a shop to buy some tissues. It’s not just psychological. I know I can’t make do without one.