Urgent - Hubby coming home from hospital

Hi all,

Hubby has been in hospital since Ssturday with a uti, they found the e cli bug which made him get a temp at 39.4c and very confused.

He is coming home hopefully tomorrow but his legs are very weak and we have stairs… I really don’t think he is going to cope. What can we do?

Sorry I am panicking


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l am sorry to hear this - l expect he will be better at home away from risk of any hospital bugs. Can you get any carers in and even friends to help break up the day for him. l know you work - so it must be such a worry. Surely, the hospital will not discharge him unless he is on the mend - and of course wether he can manage at home on his own.

l watched the Queen and Prince Philip at the Diamond Thames Pageant - they stood for hours in the cold and damp - and l did wonder about how they managed without frequent trips to the loo. So l was not surprised when he was taken to hospital with bladder problems that evening. l can remember my elderly aunt telling me that the Queen Mum had a SPC for years -[Auntie had one as well]

ls there no way you can have a stair-lift - l have had mine for over 20yrs - l could not live without it.

You could ask the hospital fo the loan of a commode - or contact the Red Cross - they have all sorts of equipment that they loan out.

Can’t think of any other ideas - just wish l could do something to help you both.

All the best


Hey caz - I work in a hospital. They really shouldnt send your husband home if you are worried. I know you want him home and I’m sure he wants to be home. But an occupational therapist should carry out a home visit if there are concerns. Then any problems can be addressed perhaps with aids or careers. Hope all goes well Hugs Min xx

A Big thank you to Campion and flowerfairymin,

I will get to the hospital early tomorrow to let them know my concerns there is no way he will manage those stairs and he says he can take his time but he could just about stand with help to get into his chair.

I know we need a stairlift for sure but the budget of approx £5000 is not one we have right now and the Local Council will not help. Phewww this is a hard one.


If all else fails, you might ask your local hospice whether they’ve any equipment - such as hoist and bed - they could lend to you short-term to set up a bedroom downstairs in case hubby can’t make it up the stairs when he first gets home.

I hope it all works out well and that he IS well enough to tackle the stairs when he gets home.

Lolli xx


l take it your stairs are not a straight flight - otherwise you can get a stair-lift for about £850. lts worth shopping around

  • Although mine is a Stannah - it was supplied and fitted by a private [father and son] company - who were Stannah trained. You might find similar near to you. Perhaps the MS Society could help.

Lets hope your hubby is feeling better tomorrow.

Thinking of you


You have all made me feel a lot better and I thank you for that :slight_smile:

You could try the red cross for hiring stuff? They do most things and are pretty reasonable. Handy for the short term if nothing else? Hope it all goes ok.

Hi, I wonder if your toilet is upstairs or if it is just the bedroom. If it’s just the bedroom you could set up something downstairs for him for the moment. I was ill a few weekends ago and i really struggled to do the stairs, I was no where near as bad as your husband sounds so I totally understand your concerns. I think however by reading your posts that you need to sort out something more long term like a stair lift or downstairs facilities. But should he really be coming home if he is really struggling. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns to hospital staff. I totally feel for you and I hope your husband feels better soon. Cheryl:-)

Hi all,

Well hubby has been told by the physio’s at the hospital that he cannot come home at present as they feel he is not strong enough for the stairs. The are putting him on a 4 week rehab where they can either come to the home every day for 4 weeks or he can go to the nursing home for rehab. If at home…which is what he wants…then they have to assess the home and make a bed downstairs.

Our bathroom is upstairs so things are going to be a bit tricky downstairs for washing etc but they will have to look and see.

I will have to phone around next week to see what lift prices are available… I am not looking forward to that as I hear some are worse than double glazing companies.

Thank you all


Hi caz, poor you and your hubby having all this worry on top of illness.

It`s good that hubbyneeds rehab and equipment can be sourced to make his homecoming safer and better.

I don`t see why you need to buy stuff when the NHS supply it on long term loan.

Why won`t the council help fund a lift?

Good luck with everything.

luv Pollx

hi caz

have you been in touch with your local ms society regarding funding for a star lift. mine paid for my second hand one. they were willing to pay for a new one, but being a yorkshire lass i saved em a bob or 2.

thank goodness i got it or i would of had to turn my living room into my bedroom. the ms society is there to help us so please use it for your hubbies safety and dignity.


Thanks everyone I doubt whether the MS Society will pay out for anything else as they are already helping towards and eating aid for hubby.



Do ask the mssociety for more help - lf they have helped you before - then at least they do know that you

do need assistance.