hi again, I'm really fed up!

Hi everyone, I have had to create a new account as I haven’t been able to log on for ages. I used to be lph48. The reason I am fed up is I’m stuck in hospital and the OT and physio won’t let me go home. I had a bad fall at home, broke my leg in 2 places,and as I fell I twisted round giving me what they call a spiral fracture. I have had to have a post and lots of screws to put me back together!!, now medically I am on the mend well, but at home I will struggle. My toilet is upstairs and mt stairs are narrow,steep with a curve, a stairlift can’t be fitted because of this. The physio is trying to get me into rehab, so I am waiting!

I am SOOO bored! in 2 weeks I am having a new kitchen fitted, annd I don’t really want my hubby to deal with this on his own. Sorry for the moan but I am feeling very down and keep getting very weepy

Lynne x

Hi Lynne - sounds like rehab will be best to get you as fit and able before going home. Would be rubbish for you to go home, struggle and have to be readmitted. New kit hen sounds great . Hubby will have to cope. Can you help in any way from afar? Bored yes hospitals are boring. Perhaps you could start to write a book - they do say that there’s a book in everyone. Haven’t found mine yet! Any other bored patients you can talk to? Do you have an iPad with lots of fun games? What’s the food like??? Patient hugs for a speedy safe discharge Min xx

Sorry you are having a rubbish time at the mo.

Your hubby might be relieved to know you are safe while the kitchen is being done.We had ours done when I had raging ON and it was a nightmare so I really wouldnt see how you would cope with it all when your mobility is so limited aswell.

I spent 3wks bored to death in hospital but took on the role of assisting people with their meals. I was so horrified how many people werent been helped to eat and drink when they needed it,when I asked them if they wanted any help they said yes but they didnt like to bother the nurses so went without!!!

Take care…and helping folk on here could keep you occupied for hours.


Oh Lynne, poor you, this is awful! Im glad youre mending, but yeh, it is gonna be so hard to get about when you go home.

Are you sure about the stairlift not being suitable? Our stairs have a twist and are quite narrow, but we had a custom made stair lift for when ma in law was with us.

You need stuff putting into place before you go home. The new kitchen will be fine, Im sure. But if you go to rehab, cant you pay visits to oversee the fitting?

You make my fed up seem so petty in comparison.

luv Pollx