Can't get to him in hospital - Feel useless.


My partner was taken into hospital with appendicitis yesterday and has been taken into surgery as I am writing this.  I am stuck at home as I use elbow crutches and would not be safe enough in the snow with the children so I am housebound with the kids until it's gone.

I should be at his side taking everything he needs but my parent's in law have done all the running around as I can't thanks to MS.  I just feel completely incompetent and useless. I won't be taking the kids to school or anything this week.  I hope I don't sound as though it's all about me but I get so frustrated that I can't help and be a full person as I should be at the age of 33 not a cripple!

I learned to drive so that I didn't have to be stranded and get where I need to be and have my independence but NOOOOO! Even thats compromised arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sorry to rant and I hope that it doesn't sound like I am a  spoiled child.


Sonia crying1

No Sonia, of course you don`t sound like a spoiled child or `me me me`. It`s times like this when it really comes home to us just how vulnerable and dependent on others we are.

I am sure your fella will know how difficult it is for you get to him.

Just tell him next time he feels like a hospital stay, to do it when the weather is much kinder!

Hope you get some help with the kids.

luv Pollx

Hi Sonia,

You are not a cripple,you are a person with MS.

Could your parents in law not help with the school run.

It is ok to have a rant,and your not a spoiled child,just somone that is having it rough just now.

Sorry i cant help you anymore,maybe somone else can give you ideas.

Take Care of you and yours.


I understand how you feel! You aren't useless though if you can still look after yourself and your children! If you can manage about the house and there is someone else who can give some assistance then you will be okay. You can survive the snow! (I use one crutch but it's getting too hard getting about - I've only got a chair that requires someone to push it and I can't stand not being independent!)