Supposed to be out

I was supposed to be at a BBQ this afternoon but I overdid it this week and my right hamstring has decided it doesn’t fancy playing ball I think I did too much at the middle of the week. All I wNt to do is crawl into bed. Mum has willow and Callum’s at his dads. Think I’m just feeling sorry for myself. Why does it always interfere with free time And it getting people to understand in giving everything to my kids. And when I have free time I wAnt to hide But mums on about getting my life back.

Hello Em

Just noticed your message, you ok? feeling any better?

It’s not easy bringing up two young children is it, at least your mum and dad are there to help you. You are doing really well but just learn to pace yourself, which I know is not easy with two lovely children like callum and Willow



Hope your feeling better Em getting people to understand is difficult they dont understand what we go through.

Hope the children are OK


Thanks don the children are great as ever they just tire me out and just push and push and push Willow who is now at home has suddenly decided cuddles are brilliant she normally likes her ‘space’ independent madam lol, She stands arms out demanding up and getting cuddles. But when it comes to bed time and your wanting her to cuddle she’s more liable to slap and push you away. No it’s not easy blossom. Think if they were post ms you wouldn’t notice a difference that’s how it is. But the change from Callum to willow is such a difference. They do get everything (physically) not that I would have it any other way .

Stay strong Em. Rest and renew at every opportunity my or I should say our kids are now grown up I am a grand dad . I wish I could do more with them but they do like my stairlift and the rise and recline chair .