wish i could snap out of this

Ive been having a relapse since a week before christmas and im 33 weeks pregnant i thought i was over the worst saturday now i feel awful again i had 4 naps yesterday and slept all night today i feel like death again ive got to take my daughter to nursery soon luckily my mum picks her up today so can sleep again the bathroom is filthy and i have no motovation to clean it need to sort upstairs out so can move cot into bedroom and wash all babies new clothes any tips to force myself to get better?

Hey Catmummy stop beating yourself up if your unwell your unwell and the bathroom etc will have to wait, even without ms us Mums aren’t superwoman, have you got anyone you can call on to give you a hand to do the things that need doing? Mum, sister, hubby friends? You need to take things easy especially been 33weeks pregnant. Take care and breathe your not doing yourself any favours stessing about it. Sue xx

Also i really need to dye my hair and have no motivation for that either

Could you not get a friend to do that for you? S x

Yes im sure they would help but i hate relying on other people id just feel like id failed as a woman amd mother i hate this illness especially as i was so well until last year no signs or symptoms x

Dont ever think of your self as failing as either a woman or a mother everyone needs a little help at times ms or not, swallow your pride and ask for some help, then when you have a bit more energy you’ll be better placed at doing for yourself without relying on others. Simples Take care & ask xx

Catmummy, i’m having a rubbish time at the mo as well, my house looks like we have been burgled and everytime someone rings or text to ask if they can help i say no, im fine thanks im managing. Wearing our pants over our trousers and trying to constantly be a super hero is our own worst enemy, my mum has just rung to say she has done me a big bake up this morning and I wont have to make tea tonight or tomorrow night and she has wrestled my wheelchair back off an aunt ( feel very guilty about that as she is 96) but her family are always quite happy for her to borrow mine,so I think its time they invested in their own, when she has to borrow it she always replies " I never thought it would come to this-Me in a wheel chair" which does make me chuckle.

I cant sit here and say accept help, because I find that very hard myself, but I must admit the thought of tea and cakes arriving later is wonderful.

Take care honey. Dont beat yourself up about it,

BC xx

Im now back home again think the walk did some good and fresh air now having some lunch then will hang washing on horse and have a nap maybe being back in a routine is helping im gonna get my partner to cook tea later give me a break x

I think the problem is aswell i have a bit of ocd before i was diagnosed with ms my house was immaculate id spend hours cleaning every day and worked aswell i dont really want to accept i have this diseaseim 27 have a 4 year old and another on the way my partner is gorgeous im surprised i got him hes far too good looking for me i dont want to ne disabled and i hope ill never need a wheelchair that scares me i dont know what symptoms require a wheelchair ive never had problems with my legs touch wood x

Just wanna say summat…yeh, your aunt should get her own chair! Humph. I am protective of wheelchairs and their users…my chair IS my legs.!

luv Pollx

Hi Catmummy.

NEVER think of yourself as a failure…you`re heavily pregnant, have MS, have a youngster…so anyone else without the ms bit, would feel knackered too.

Go easy on yourself and ACCEPT help when it is offered.

I used to live in a showhome, but not now…more like a nursing home…apart from my fab new Hollywood wet room of course!

luv Pollx

It’s not easy to snap out of it. Try not to rush feeling happier. Ignore the housework, that can wait. Just concentrate on resting when you have the chance. It will be really hard though if you are used to having everything tidy because of your OCD.

Another thing, if my hair needs dying I am on a right downer. Might make you feel a bit happier if your hair is done. Like S has said can’t you get someone to help you with it. My hubby helps me with mine.

Please be kind to yourself and you are not failing as a woman.

Shazzie xx

Ill try its just so frustrating i started to pick up again this aftetnoon had a nap for hour and a half now feel crap again and have a banging headache how i felt this morning :frowning: x

its a challenge having ms.

others can’t understand but some will try to empathise.

these ones will offer to help you and you should accept.

one friend who was brilliant with me when i was first diagnosed had an accident and can no longer be superwoman.

now i’m the best in the world at empathising with her situation.

you will be superwoman again but with different special powers! like super mummy!!!

carole x