my 4 year old is stronger than me :(

I cant believe how weak ms has made me my 4 year old threw a paddy this evening i couldnt physically pick her up and put her on the naughty step she resisted against me and was stronger luckily my partner dealt with her just adell as she got off the step about 10 times

Aswell i meamt

Know what you mean cat mummy yes ms sucks willow at13 months has decided to throw tantrums and it’s a nightmare trying not to fall over my feet to sort her out and my arms get tired and sore And Callum now realises if he runs I can’t catch him. He has been In trouble a few times this week. But my glare seems to do the trick. Or you have 2 minutes to come here now or it will be a whole lot worse for you. Having enough energy to see things through is the hard bit. The 2 kids were egging each other on tonight they kept giggling and laughing into each other eyes it was so hard to fight with them as it was cute. The 3 of us fell asleep in Callum’s bed thank goodness it’s a kingsize. I need to start setting an alarm to take my pills. Taking Amitripiline at 1 not a good idea I slept in on Tuesday mad dash 8.40. Hope your getting on ok with your baby x

Yes baby is ok she woke at 4.40 for a feed drank a whole bottle of hungry baby milk did a fat poo been changed and burped waiting for her to fall back to sleep so i can put her cot duvet on her as she kicks it off 8.40 is early for me normally get up between 9 and 9.30 but then i dont have to be at nursry til 12.15 will be different in september xx

Catmummy have you thought of sleeping bags for baby then you don’t have to wait until she falls asleep etc. My son loved them … he was and still is a fidget at night so would not keep blankets etc on. Worth a try. Also with regards to your strength your relapse was not long ago. Im 18mths nearly on from the relapse that affected my left side and am getting there. Don’t think I’ll ever be as strong on the left side but mentally I cope with walking a bit funny now and not caring what others think xxxxx

Callum’s in at 9 so always late but be different in September when he starts school. And I was up from 1 - 4 wandering. Lol is ur not bed time yet x

Sorry for late reply didnt get up til half 9 then jad to rush round and sort the kids and house out and have a bath etc only just sat down i had 2 baby sleeping bags shes too big now for one and the other is a pain to get her in and out of might have to invest in some more. Now gonna have something to eat while i have 5 minutes x