Embarrassed and unhappy

I couldn’t cut my dinner or feed my one year old his food in front of my other children. I feel completely embarrassed :’-( MS is a stuible (horrible and stupid) illness

I totally agree Rebecca I can’t cut my food up either, kids are always saying to me use your fingers they were invented before forks - not helpful but funny :slight_smile: I’ve got some white tubi-grip on mine now & find it a little bit easier to use them, you could try that. Dont be embarrased it’s not your fault love. Sue x

You’re right -Rebecca it’s horrupid! But I think you have to remember that children see things from their perspective. You’re seeing yourself in the context of ms but your kids probably just see you as mum, who’s there for them whatever. The fact you don’t cut up a meal is neither here nor there - you’re there for cuddles and reassurance in every other event in their lives. Please don’t worry about what you can’t do - think of all the things you can do. I think having ms makes you re-evaluate yourself and maybe you’re a different parent now than before ms - I know I am - but not necessarily for the worse. Take care Jane xx

Jane has said some very good things there and I agree 100%. Did you get anywhere yesterday with the GP hun? I know I’d feel like you if I was struggling with that so do understand but Janes points are very good. My boy loves a good cuddle :slight_smile: and he is now 4 xx I feel like a failure just because my left leg does not work as well as its once did. But children do not judge their mummies on things like this. Again its on the love, reassurance etc. xxx

I know three of them don’t really notice either way but I saw poppy saying something to Gareth about the fact I had no grip which is devastating. I know she loves me just as much but it still makes me feel rubbish. My gp faxed over a letter to my neuro yesterday afternoon and just gave me amitriptyline and cocodamol but today my legs feel like lead weights and my hands are no better. Fingers crossed the neuro comes through for me x

I really think you need a bout of steroids. When I’ve took them they’ve been pretty fast acting. Side effects crap but I can live with that if the relapse improves. Id be really tempted to go back to gp and say tour getting worse can he not prescribe as the symptoms are indicating a relapse and you’ve children to take care of. Please contact him again if you’ve heard nothing tomorrow. Emotionally its doing you no good all this waiting and that nay be making you worse xxxxxxx big hugs ((()))

Thank you. Gareth will take me back to my gp tomorrow. I’ll see if anyone can have the children when I go so Gareth can come on with me. Being a sergeant he doesn’t back down :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on and tell your hubbie to use his assertive skills that he’s gained as a sergeant :wink: this needs sorting asap and try not to worry as that’ll make you worse. Good luck hun abd I hope to hear more positive news soon xxxx

Just quick message to seeif you got anywhere today at the GPs hun? Hope you did. Xxx

Hi rebecca i have to cut food up for my husband into small pieces as started to have problems with swallowing also has problems cutting food if not soft try not to get embarrassed,husband struggles to talk correctly too. We(me&hubby)make a joke of it not in a horrible way ,Because if we didnt i think we would go mad.Life changed so much and its hard to except but try to look on the lighter side with family it doesnt make the problem go away, it makes it easier to julie

We can’t get anyone to look after the children until tmw so I’ll go then x

Ice got to double the amitriptyline dose and he’s sent another letter to the neuro because he was shocked at my lack of grip and the fact my MS nurse hasn’t got back to me. It’s getting worse every day

I can’t believe they are faffing so much. To me and I know I’m no expert but it sounds like a relapse and as they are commkn after childbirth (I was told apx six weeks after ) then this makes me think this even more. I cannot believe given that and the fact your getting worse I don’t understand why he is not suggesting the treatment of the relapse. Maybe ring neuro secretary as it doea need dealing with asap. You’ve foyr kiddies to be dealing with and all this waiting is more stress for you. Explain to the Secretary inc the fact you’ve not long had a baby and advise you seem to getting nowhere treatment wise and your symptoms are getting worse. How frustrating for ypu hun xxxx

i was told i had post natel depression when i went to my gp 6 week after giving birth, !!!

i knew it was a relapse,and a bad one too, i couldnt see,i couldnt stand for 5 months,

sounds like your dr is a bit like mine was,when i told the neuro,he couldnt believe i was told it was pnd,by the dr,if you have an ms nurse,she need to be told that you are relapsing,keep ringing until you get some answers.

I’m terrified because its getting worse all the time and I’ve got these four to look after, the three and seven year old feed themselves but I obviously have to feed the one year old and baby which isn’t good as I struggle to open her bottles and measure out the milk. I feel stupid and useless :frowning:

Hi, I wonder if you could get some daily help from Social Services. Why not give them a ring?

I see you are an armed servies wife. Do they have a welfare officer for families.? If so, could they help?


Social services might be worth a ring at least for support in the interim. I work for social services and these services might just help at the moment. I really do think its a relapse and keep ringing. Leave a message saying your getting worse., your certain its a relapse and you need help as you’ve four babies to look after. I know some aren’t babies but they still need care. I feel like ringing for you … They are making me mad. Your blimin GP could’ve nipped this worry in the bud or butt by prescribing steroids. If you lived nearer I’d be there trying to help you out. Big hugs (((()))) xxx

Still haven’t got anywhere and my right hand has pretty much given up (thank goodness for touch screen mobiles) and my legs don’t want to hold my all 7.5st of me

Your a dot too … I even wonder now if a trip to A and E would be worth it just to get the treatment you need hun? Or is there am emergency GP who could come out. I cannot believe what little help your getting? Where do you live? X

Near Bedford. I’ll harass the neurology people first thing or get Gareth to because he can’t go and be sergeant in Luton so he’ll tell them exactly how bad I am and how our children need me to be well especially poppy because she has to do so much more than a seven year should