willows first night sleeping

well after a productive week i was supposed to be babysitting willow at mums tonight

so this morning i chilled out didnt do much as my arms was sore and needing a break and then went round for willow after lunch.

Callum came home from his dads had been having nightmares now he said its about werewoles (cant think how to spell it) but he was just exhausted and was asking for his bed from 5 o clock. Ive heard him talking in his sleep and hes shouting for me saying please dont leave me so think another chats in order tomorrow. And i have the neurologist on friday so i think i’ll just take him then go to the cinema as my neuro is an hour away and we dont have a cinema here.

anyway id decided i was going to keep willow tonight, so got callum to bed first, took willows milk up with me cuddled her then put her to bed she woke up a little while after and i think waas just scared of her surroundings, i ended up having to lift her gave her a cuddle and shes been sound since 8.30 so heres hoping she sleeps through.

so i phoned dads mobile and told him ive kidnapped her. he was just pleased for me

now though im beginnin to panic as im really stiff first thing in the morning, or if she wakens in the middle of the night how i will cope.

hope your all having a nice sat evening.

im los tonight my iphone decided to die on me would be in the middle of conversations, im sure i’ll survive.

apologies if im boring you going on about my kids its just that no one really understands how hard it can be to do thingd



hope it all goes well-am sure it will.

ellie x

thanks ellie

all i can think about is food since reading ur fish supper lol


You’ll be just fine em, trust yourself.

Noreen xx

How did u get on? My baby is 3 months and i have the same problem but with legs luckily the cot is next to my bed its hard in the mornings having ti rush around looking after 2 getting them dressed and fed and sorting house out but have to get on with things anyway im going back to sleep for a hour baby had me up 5 times shes been a pain in the bum since her jabs ive just asked my partner to look after her while i sleep x

Hi cat mummy I got on fine she slept till 7.45 today so really pleased. They’re all breakfasted. My legs and arm didn’t work when in my first relapse then had a big one in November when things were just getting better this time other side and eye muscles so it’s been a challenge every time I got going another set back. How’s ur legs doing now. Now the real challenge of getting Wasjed will be today challenge think it might be me and willow in the bath. And I just made the mistake of giving her the spoon with ready break at the end of breakfast and she’s managing fine but decoded to do finger food at the end haha x

Still stiff and heavy and i still look like a spaz walking but can walk miles with pushchair glad it went well for u i best get up have a bath and walk to town xx

Catmummy - I know it was directed at yourself but that is quite an offensive term you used.

Glad to hear the night went well em

I am pleased that it went well Em. Like Noreen said trust yourself. Bet little Willow enjoyed it too.

Shazzie xx

Thanks shazzie she’s still here being as cheeky as Ever. Thang goodness for stair gates. I still haven’t made the bath so may have to avoid people lol. She’s found a rabbit that used to belong to me, she’s now claimed it. It’s a cuddle Toy not a real one and her brothers kids rocking recliner so she’s very happy with herself, My dads going to dump the old sofa bed in the toy room it’s a kids one and I’ve an old fabric sofa in the attic that was left when we moved in so I’ve got throws so going to take it down to the toy room so I can contain her and her brother and the mess lol and still be comfy

And Noreen wasn’t forgetting you x

I’ll cry if you do em and I might have a tantrum LOL Xx

Awww Noreen. If you have a tantrum can I join in please hehehe!!

That sounds really good Em. I use a stairgate for my Shepherd, Charlie, when visitors arrive or he would lick them to death. Either that or eat them.

They are a godsend when the kids are little too. Like you say you can keep all the toys and stuff in one room. The sofa sounds good too.

Have a nice rest of day.

Shazzie x

Glad to hear the night went well Emm.


Glad it went well for you all Em, good for you. Things will get so much easier physically when Willow is older so just keep doing the best you can for now. xx

hi emm

what great news

it will only get easier from this point.

enjoy your babies

love carole xxxxxx

thanks everyone

hows the tantrum going noreen, you must have been competing with willow lol my mum and dads not been soft with her but shes getting the terrible 2s at one lol

well shes sleeping her again, spent the whole day here went to mums for tea, dad took callum to help with the DIY hes not that impressed that willow is back lol, he likes her through the day but hes a mummies boy at night. And the whole ms thing has rocked his world this last year added with that his mum and dad splitting up it cant be easy. He’s alwas cuddled up beside me. So i received some wonderful parenting advice from his dad lol,hmmm.

anyway great having my babies here.

eventually got my bath had willow in with me lol.