now I`ve slept on it

Afternoon gang!

Following yesterday`s farce of a neuro appointment, how do I feel?

Well, I`ve related the story to a few folk who wanted to know. Each time i tell it, I get so angry and frustrated.

My carer was furious and when i told her I could be referred to Dr Lily at Leeds, she said she`d come with me. i could get transport door to door (seeing as hubby won`t take me). This was so kind of her, as she has 2 young children and only works an hour Mon-Fri for me.

My sis (also a carer for me) said she`d go with me, if I decide to go on the train and we could make a day out of it. and hit the shops en route! Now that is a good idea, eh?

It`s been wonderful the way my friends on here have sent me their best wishes and are so understanding of how this chuffin desease knocks us sideways. But I`m like a weeble;


`weebles wobble, but they won`t fall down.` Who remembers that one? Fisher Price toys, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi, good on you Poll, a day out shopping in Leeds sounds good, if you think that Dr Lily will help you, then go for it?

Hey Poll

You sound more like your usual positive self today. I was worried about you yesterday as you seemed (understandably) down.

It would be great to make a day of it with your sis and go shopping in Leeds. I haven’t been there for several years but the shops are fab I seem to remember!

Keep on with the positive attitude Poll, that will get you through most adversities and you do seem to have a fantastic back-up, support team.

Stay strong - thinking of you,

Teresa xx

Thanks Cheryl. Yeh, onwards and upwards!

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa, ah, you little sweetheart…so kind.

Ill be fine......they cant grind this lass down!

luv Pollx

hi poll


yes i do remember the weebles songhappy

 as a toy they didnt really do it for me, although the fascination was there that you couldnt make them lie down!


im glad you're feeling brighter today and that you've got the support you need to get to see the neuro.

i wish you well

love mandy xxxxx

Hi Mandy, my children had some of those weebles and a playground. What I really like about them was their smoothness and no sharp bits for little fingers.

Thanks for your kind words too.

luv Pollx


       l have often said l would like to be more like one of those 'budgies toys' that can be pushed and they go over then right themselves. Now somebody there's a idea to develop for Dragon's Den.

Any way you can check before leaving - for your appointment in Leeds - to make sure that you don't get all that way to find the Dr. you want to see is

is not there. Happens all to often.