Need Understanding!!!!

Hi All,

I really feel so fed up, sick of feeling like I do. Went shopping with my husband yesterday, and walking round the shopping centre I was worn out, and had to rest.My legs were heavy and aching, tried to push myself and continued on, however on the evening I was so exhausted!!!

My husband tho really does not understand, he asked me if I am ok, when I tell him I ache all over he just changes the subject, also I am too tired for sex and all I want to do is sleep when I go to bed, this is causing problems for us.

At my GP in the morning hope to get some answers to MRI Scan. Hate feeling like this .


Hi Jan, you may not like what I am going to suggest, but here goes;

Walking rounds shops is exhausting, so why not avail yourself of shopmobility?

Most town and shopping malls offer scooters and wheelchairs on loan while you shop.

I used it in Huddersfield and Halifax before I bought my own scooter. What a marvelous service! You just ring and order your preferred chioce of transport, then ring when you arrive and they bring it to your car/bus stop.

It was free back then. Some places charge a small fee. Go on, try it…youll wish youd done so earlier.

luv Pollx

Me again.just wanted to add;

chuff what anyone else thinks. Its YOUR legs that suffer, not theirs!

luv Pollx

I’ve gotta agree with Poll.

I am not diagnosed but I have been ill for months now, and my husband picked up a disability scooter for me for £240 from the internet…pm me if you wnat details. I wasn’t sure about the whole thing…I was embarassed and felt like it would mean that I was accepting my illness…(sorry cant get ittallics off…grrr)

However, as Poll says it means that you can have a trip out and save energy for other things…which has made life so much more pleasurable. I dont get cranky and I don’t end up passing out on the bed as soon as we get home.

Like POll says there are scooters to borrow at many places…its well worth it.


I am not suggesting for a moment that you need a wheelchair but I am just contrasting my experience to yours. I went into Leeds shopping today. This involved 2 buses to get there. I looked round loads of shops , had coffee and took 2 buses home. I set off at 9.15 this morning and just got home at 2.15. I’m tired but not exhausted.

Poll is absolutely right – wheels allow you to do more and feel OK afterwards.

As for the sex thing – (I’m divorced so probably not the best one to comment) - however if you are too tired at night perhaps you need to make a date for afternoon delight.


Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for your comments, and Poll I will have a look at a scooter…Be like Billy Wizz round the shops hope I dont run anyone over!!!

Jan x

you know I get what you are at. I did this today met some ‘friends’ for a coffee a it was the other side of the city they also picked starbucks upstairs and the furthest seat they could find at the end they said you know you seem to be doing well personally felt like screaming and saying you know I walk with a stick so upstairs in starbucks was that a good idea, or is it mearly that I am shattered.So guess will be limiting my time with these friends for a little while i don’t need the hastle


Take Care

Jan x

Hi Jan,

I’m like you- get really bad legs going round supermarkets. Now I order online once a month and in between

use small supermarkets like the coop, Small sainsbury’s and Tesco local. Not as much choice but better on the legs.

We just have to pace ourselves.

Keep well, Jen x

thanks jan but they have heard me saying before and even yesterday they asked how i was but didn’t wait for the answer, so i am left with thinking that i am making it up I only occassional state the issue but have found with both these friends they are not interested. When i got my mobility car one said oh you will be able to wear heels again and I thought this one was fairly smart, I am a lot better today and can laugh at it but will not be rushing back to soon

Keep your chin up, and stay strong. xx