Feeling awful :(

Last week I spent two days helping out a friend of mine as her mum had died and really struggled to do any walking around, my legs would burn and be very tight and painful then go numb so I'd have to sit down and rest for a while.

I felt ok other than that, then on Sunday I was waiting in a queue in a shop and I came over all wobbly, dizzy and exhausted and had to leave.

I spent most of Sunday and Monday in bed, I had awful leg pain, the crawling senesations were much worse than normal and I generally felt awful.

Last night I had pain in my ribs at the back that travelled round to the front (near where my bra sits) and felt like I was being crushed and I felt like my muscles were rigid and it was hard to swallow food it's nearly gone now luckily but whilst it was there I couldn't sleep so I've spent the day resting, I've been really wobbly today and have lost my balance a few times.

I know it's my fault for over doing things but I wish I didn't feel quite this awful :(

Hi Tabitha x ditto! I overdid it last week too x I'll probably go and do the same again though!!! - as soon as I feel a bit better I think I can do what is probably nothing to someone who is 'well' - then I suffer for days afterwards xxxjenxxx

Hi Tabitha

Am sorry you're feeling so awful. Sending (((hugs))) to you.

I can really understand how you feel as I did the same last week. Only did 2 short walks + bus to visit elderly lady & the pain & fatigue made me feel awful for 2 days. It really doesn't take much to wipe us out does it?

When you're in a shop, could you use a stick? I find having one to lean on when queuing is such a help, + I find a seat to sit down for a while after I've paid for the goods.

A cousin of mine yesterday had done 2 things & I asked her if she was OK after her busy day (she has no health issues). She replied saying "that wasn't a busy day!" & she realised that for me doing 2 things would have wiped me out & it brought home to her how different life is for me.

Unfortunately the only answer is to rest, rest, rest. Do go easy on yourself & treat yourself gently for a couple of days - even a duvet day if you need it. Your body will get its strength back, but I know how hard it is to accept it.

Take good care & do hope you feel better soon,

Bren x

Hi Tabatha, have you thought about using a mobility scooter? I know it's like a HUGE decision because it's suddenly admitting that you're disabled... but once you get over that and have a go, it makes a big big difference. You have freedom to go round the shops without wearing yourself out and honestly, once you get the hang of it you never look back.

Of course they are expensive. If you're on high mobility DLA you can get one through motorbility scheme (although that means losing the mobility money)... but also you can buy them second-hand... or you can apply for a grant through this site, MSS. Look in 'MS Support' at top of page.

Also, check out to see if there's anywhere local that rent them out. 

The crushing ribs sensation, as i'm sure you know, is MS 'hug'. A few things do help.... take off your bra... avoid heavy meals.... get as much rest as you possibly can... try lying flat in bed so your torso is not bent... wear loose clothes... paracetamol helps a bit. 

I would think you've not only overdone it physically but also emotionally. Helping a friend who's dealing with a death is stressful. Of course we can't avoid these stresses with MS and of course you supported you friend, but now you have to try and rest and let go of that stress. Hug in particular is a response to stress (certainly is for me)... so it's now 'chill out' time for you!

Take care and hope you feel better soon,

Pat x

Hi, thanks for the replies and useful suggestions. As my GP and Neurologist haven't given me a firm diagnosis it's either fibromyalgia or MS I assume I can't get an occupation therapist assessment for mobility aids etc?