Feeling awful.

I feel shattered, my legs feel like lead and my head feels like it’s swaying to and fro inside (don’t know if anyone else knows what i mean?)

I went upsatirs to have a lay down and when i close my eyes my brain feels like its swimming about inside my head and my mind races. I feel like i could cry and keep getting a feeling that i can’t get a good breath. I know this could be anxiety because i do start worrying when i get symptoms. It’s like being on an emotional rollercoaster. I hope when i see the neuro in january he can offer me something. I hate being ill and relying on anyone, i put pressure on myself to look and be ok for my 2 kids who are 9 and 11. When i have to give in and say i don’t feel well i feel like a failure.

Oh zipster. Wish I could say something to make you feel better but I was just thinking of posting something very similar. I feel like having a toddler tantrum, stamping my feet and shouting ‘it’s not fair!’ I know that I need to be kind to myself and, although that’s easier said than done, that’s all I’d say to you too. Maybe you need to have a good cry. That’s what I’m going to do - when I’ve got time! Take care xx

I had a horrible time of very scary symptoms and pain recently and I found that mindfulness meditation helped me get through (not so somethng I was remotely into before as I was always so hyperactive). Sorry to hear you are both having a rough time,

I’m not a mum, so maybe shouldn’t say this, but here we go - I bet you are teaching your children about being brave, calm, and patient, and how important it is to look after yourself. I think they’re great life lessons that bring strength, even though the cause is so unfair and it must be massively sad and frustrating for you. (Hurl a digital plate at me if I’m dishing out platitudes…). I think its important for everyone to recognise and respect that we all have to ‘stop’ and ‘give in’ sometimes.


BeccaT, I am a mum and I thoroughly agree with you. Children easily pick up when you’re feeling less than yourself. I made my daughter laugh off the tension that was building by telling her ‘I’m cross. I’m going in my bedroom to have a tantrum.’ I went in, stamped my feet and growled for a minute (or less) then went back to her and truthfully told her ‘That’s better’. Children also need to know that they are not the reason when you are upset. It is fine to show weakness, as long as you also show how you are able to respond to your own needs. That is, teaching ‘response-ability’. Zipster and Sunflower, big {hugs}

Zipster and Sunflower,

Yep, know the feeling - sadly no wisdom from me today but lots of good vibes,


I can sympathise my kids are pretty much the same age as yours and its hard trying to carry on when you’re exhausted. I agree with reiki though that a good adult tantrum is perfectly acceptable and can shout off some anxiety symptoms Ax