never felt like this before

Yesterday husband took my shopping as we hadn’t been anywhere for months I needed to visit several places but no sooner had we arrived than I felt overwhelmed by fatigue my brain felt like it was disconnected and my legs felt leaden.I’ve been tired in the past but never like this I felt so ill.Tried to go to buy some clothes and made it as far as the shop but the attentions of the assistants just put me over the edge and I had to get out of there.So I aborted the trip and returned home with no trousers,it’s about 2 years since I bought any and I am fed up of wearing ill fitting ones from the internet.I still feel dredful today but have to put a brave face on or hubby will drag me to GP.I do have a date for my first neuro appointment it is 17th September.Does the embaresment of staggering or falling about ever get any better

hi stellabean

there are some high street stores that have a good returns policy (M & S, Next, Clarks)

you could order them online, try them on at home (bliss) and return them to the shop or by post if they don’t fit.

as for whether the embarasment gets any better, well you stop caring after a while!

carole x

Hi stellabean I agree with Carole with regards to your shopping. It can be hard going into crowed shops but I have found that if the assistants realise something is wrong they tend to go out of their way to help you. I wish you luck



thank you for your replies Carol and Janet I am ordering some in 2 sizes today and will use the returns servcie.As for going out hubby has another attempt planned for next week on a monday which he knows is a very quiet day in Hexham and I am instructed to have a quiet day on mondayand we are only going toM&S and Gaia a lovely hippy type shop where I am going to treat myself to something special.Take care of yourselves I plan to play in the garden if it stays dry that is!Sue

I am in womans wear, and I can tell you that the Phase Eight Jeggings I have are so comfy and high on the waist no muffin top, with a side zip. They come in black and navy and can be smart or casual. Treat yourself and order online as they have a free post 28 day return policy. Also the crop trousers are comfy and stretchy too.

Good luck