Well today I went to do some shopping in town with the family and it was awful. Out 3hrs max about 45mins of that spent sat down eating lunch and by the end I could hardly walk (hadn’t been fast to start with). My legs felt like lead and I could just about put one in front of the other and had to keep sitting down for a few minutes. Came in and went to bed and fell asleep for 2hrs!! Waa trying to laugh about it to my family but I really wanted to cry. I used to run for longer than I was out today for @#$! sake. Moan over. Sorry all. Axx

Arwen Nothing to say sorry for. You have plenty to moan about so totally understandable. That is what we are here for to listen, understand, empathise and support one another. I am sorry that your shopping trip knocked it out of you. I too get p…ed off that I can’t do what I used to do. It’s just so difficult to accept. But that is what we must as cant change our lot. I would suggest as much Internet shopping as possible!!! Hugs Min xx

Thanks Min. I think you’re right the rest of the Xmas shopping will have to be done via the Internet. Thanks for listening and the hugs xxx

Hi Arwen, I’m afraid three hours out shopping, at Christmas time - even with a lunch break - sounds like a LOT to me. I tend to be quite avoidant of shops this time of year, as I know the crowds and manic atmosphere don’t do me any good. I try to get stuff delivered, or, if I must brave the shops, concentrate on specific things I need to get, and not try to do e.g. food and clothes on the same day. I also try to avoid aimless wandering, to “have a look”, as this makes me tired, without actually achieving anything. I’m not a naturally organised person, so this is difficult, but I try to have an idea of where I’m going to go, and why I need to go there, so I’m not sidetracked into browsing, which can mean I run out of energy for the things I’m really supposed to be doing. It coincidentally saves money as well, because I don’t make as many impulse purchases of stuff I don’t really need. I know this might sound defeatist, because, in a way, I’m saying: “Get used to it!” But you really can’t expect to “shop 'til you drop” when you’re not well - whatever you may have done before. But there ARE ways of planning for the fatigue, instead of just trying to pretend it’s not there. Know what you’re going out for, and know when you’re reaching your limits - resist that “just one more shop” feeling. If everything’s not done by the time you’re flagging, it will just have to wait for another day. Tina x

Sorry to read you’ve had a bad day in town arwen. I hope you feel a bit better for the rest.

Your not moaning, so don’t apologise…just getting things off your chest have some chocolate, thats what I do

I do most of my shopping on line…I’d be lost without my laptop.

Take care, (((((hugs))))) Noreen

Hi Tina. I actually had known exactly what I was going for and only made it to 4 shops I think you’re right though about the crowds as I didn’t realise how hard it would be just trying to walk in rushing crowds, getting knocked and trying to suddenly sidestep people who had stopped dead. You don’t sound defeatist just sensible my hubby tells me off for expecting to do what I used to (he also told me off when he found me balanced on crutches with a broken foot trying to hoover once lol) Thanks Noreen the computer is coming out for the rest now and the chocolate is on its way to my mouth lol. Should have known it wasn’t going to be a good day as I already nearly knocked myself unconscious walking into a door frame. Lol Arwen xx

internet shopping rules, saving a fortune being able to compare and no petrol needed, even better, take care Arwen xx

i do everything online!!! its a god send! hugs :slight_smile:

Thanks Medion and pinkpolkadots definitely doing the rest that way nice and comfy too Axx

{Hugs}! I love internet shopping…though I’ve not been too successful with it today (gift card only available in store? Wha…?!) Hope your head has recovered from being bumped! Take care of yourself xxx this is a nice shop for lovely gifts. I use this site a lot

Omg thankyou that is a lovely site could be a new favourite Ax

Thanks reiki head is ok now think I have a thick skull which is a good job the amount of times I hit it lol

Well I can guarantee the items are well packaged and quick delivery, even at this time of year.

I’m sorry to hear of your bad shopping trip. I went Chrimbo shopping too - first time I’ve been out for a few hours since my LP headache. I was ok as took short cuts to avoid the crowd but struggled carrying bags. I tend to do most my shopping on-line too but wanted to try and be out for a little bit as I’m back at work tomorrow so at least breaking myself in.

Lots of hugs & choc.

It’s difficult making compromises with our new bodies but sometimes rather than pushing ourselves its the better option.



Hi Reemz I’ve been wondering how you were doing post lp. Totally agree it’s difficult working out what our new bodies do but chocolate will always help along with cake which has just reminded me that I have a trifle in the fridge that I’d forgotten about lol. Think it will be my post neuro visit treat tomorrow. Hope you do ok back at work Axx

I’m a print designer and loveeeeclothes and was part of job to search the shops for inspiration…but no can do nemore…thank God for the internet…If I do go…which I do try to for short amounts of time or literally one shop I try go with someone so can hang onto them…but I have come home njust cried to myself…i hate this disease,it’s Soo cruel but gotta keep plodding along… so understand how it feeling…

Take care xx

Thanks rosex. Sorry you’ve had a cry as well it is horrible isn’t it. I am un diagnosed (back to neuro today) so find it hard to explain why I can’t do this stuff anymore. Huge hugs Axx

I hope the Neuro appointment goes well arwen. Ask questions and make sure everything explained to you. Noreen xxx

Now all I can think of is chocolate cake at 9.20 in the morning. Very out of sorts getting up early but have got in and feeling ok so a good start. Let us know how the neuro review goes. Fingers and toes crossed that you make some progress with getting answers.