Sorry but I’m whinging so by all means ignore me :wink: I’m fed up with being snappy and irritable all the time!! I have had a long term battle with depression and anxiety, but with medication and counselling I was finally in a pretty good place but now I’m horrible! My attention span is non-existant, I’m impatient and touchy. I’m tired all the time, and although my altered sensation is almost back to normal my legs feel heavy and ache. I had lost 4 stone but put almost 3 of them back on. Oh, and I hate my hair! I have my LP on Monday and MRIs in two weeks so everything us moving forward, work are being supportive (I’m currently signed off) and I have a supportive family, so… apart from the obvious apprehension awaiting some sort of diagnosis… i don’t understand why I’m such a grouch at the moment :frowning: xxxx PS does anybody else have pain in their legs?

Don’t worry about whingeing Kaz, we all do it at times. It is very frustrating waiting and not knowing. I’m eagerly counting down the days till my first appt with neuro (now only 26 days to go woohoo) and I get cross with my legs not wanting to walk properly. I just try and laugh about everything that is wrong with me. I think that if I didn’t the only other option would be to cry and there’s no way what ever is causing these problems is going to win and make me do that! Your family will hopefully understand the pressure and anxiety you’re going through and accept that you are going to be more irritable. Hopefully you will get answers quickly. ((((((BIG HUGS)))))) to you.

Sharon x

P.S. I had long hair yeaterday morning. By lunchtime it was very, very short. My kids didn’t recognise me when I picked them up from school and then they told me I looked weird! I feel much better for it but just goes to show, you can’t please everyone X

Aww Kaz we all have rubbish days. I was like it on Monday and my poor partner ended up losing it and telling me to stop taking it out on him. Which shocked me so much it snapped me out of it cos we never argue! X

Hi, we are all entitled to a whinge…so whinge away, m`dear!

I suspect part of the reason for your low mood is due to not knowing what the chuff is wrong with your body, yeh?

Let`s hope the forthcoming tests will reveal the reason.

I have spent eons in limboland and know how it can get you so wound up, you dont know which way is up!

You may get some help via your GP, if you have a talk with him/her.

I take amitriptyline for severe pain in my legs and it works. I began on 25mg and got all the way up to 100mg a night, before it zapped the pain.

I now take 75mg at night…

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Aww thanks guys :slight_smile: It’s so nice to have somewhere to vent where people know what I’m talking about :slight_smile: I think I will make an appointment with a hairdresser, and another with the doctor :wink: xxx