leg pain whinge!!

Hi all x 

Sorry but I need a whinge and a wail this morning!!

The muscle stiffness in my legs and up my spine has been bad for a while - always worse in the morning when I get out of bed and can hardly walk - this normally eases to a tolerable level and I can get about.

The last few days it's been taking longer to ease and I'm struggling to walk around the house - even after sitting down and resting as much as possible.

I regularly get sharp, deep 'nervy' pains in my legs that come and go - today though it won't go away - it's down the length of my leg particularly the outer part of my calf muscle and it's gnawingly, sickeningly painful!! I just can't find a comfortable position x crying1

The fasciculations are really something to see this morning too!!

I'm sorry - I'm so fed up of it all - I'm having a despondent and daunted hour xxxxxjenxxxxxx


Hi Jen

Sorry you're having a tough time at the moment - I can really sympathise with you.

In a morning or if I have to get up in the night, my legs are so stiff I can hardly get up from the bed. I have to grab my stick otherwise I would fall over, and then use it to get to the bathroom. I feel like I'm about 92 lol!  Fortunately this does improve as I gradually get myself moving.  

Pain in the legs is my worst symptom.  This past two weeks I've had a feeling of my legs being gripped in a vice and the vice contains razor blades - the intensity of it makes me cry! It also seems to be accompanied by a draining fatigue.

I've had to increase my Pregabalin today to try to ease it. I don't know if you're on a similar medication?

My advice would be to try and rest as much as possible - I find that lying down actually helps the most.

I do hope you get some easing soon Jen, if not, maybe you should see GP about increase in medication?

In the meantime, sending ((((((Hugs)))))) and feeling for you.

Bren x  

Sympathy here too. When I get out of bed in the morning it feels like I'm walking on hot needles while walking through treacle wearing flippers!!!

Hope you are feeling better now. xx

Thanks both xx I guess I'm on a low one today x I just can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I've been off work for 2 months - all I've done is sleep!! I don't feel any better for it - in fact I'm just getting worse - and I'm worrying about my job. If I lose my job I lose my home - it's as simple as that. I don't have any financial security to fall back on as in this employment I've worked on termporary contracts (for 6 years) and hubby's pay on it's own won't even cover the mortgage or bills.

Apart from the financial implications I'm just so gutted - I've worked so hard to get where I am - against a lot of odds - and I hate the thought of letting it all go. But I feel so very weak at the moment. The thought of going back to all that worry & stress is daunting. I think I've just struggled on for so long I just don't think I can do it anymore. Physically & mentally I'm just a wreck. xxxjenxxxx