My Legs

My legs are really playing up today !

They feel extra sore ,tingly and i feel like i have ran a marathon.They ache so much it hurts. Even walking to the bottom of the garden to feed the pigs was an effort.

Me ,the hubby and kids are going to longleat tmw as a bday treat as its my 30th on sat .Im really looking forward to it as i love animals .But just hoping my legs will hold me up for the day !

Sam x

Longleat is so fab - I have been there loads of times and love it so much. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time and that your legs hold out. Teresa xx

I hope you have a great day. To make sure, perhaps you should borrow a chair for the times there’s a need for walking? (There should be some there.) It can make the world of difference and allow you to save your energy for the important thing: having fun with your family.

Karen x

This was one of my first symptoms that lingered when a long relapse ended.

Baclofen was a godsend…are you on that as it made a world of difference to me

Hope you do enjoy the day,and give the chair serious consideration,as I would enable you to enjoy the day rather than struggle through it.


Enjoy your birthday and your trip to Longleat… its great there.

Rest up when you can and try to take it easy!


Happy Birthday. Hope you have an amazing time at Longleat. Take it easy and pace yourself so you can maintain your energy.



Thanks everyone :slight_smile: luckly we were in the car alot there so there wasnt to much walking invoved which was good .Imanaged without a chair ,just held on to my hubby to keep my balance .

My arm has ached before but never my legs ,like they have been the past 2 days .I know it sounds stupid but they ached and hurt so much ,i was really crying and i was so close to going to a&e ,nothing was helping the pain .But in the end i just thought there is nothing they can do to help .

Pip no im not on that .Im on amitriptyline 30mg,pregabalin 600mg a day .Ive been having all my symptoms now since april and they are worse now than when it all stsrted .Its the spasms that hurt the most ,some of them literally take my breath away .

Anyway on with the day

Sam xx

Hi Sam

Hope you had a lovely day with your family, and happy birthday.

With regard to the spasms you get, baclofen have taken the edge

off the painful ones for me. Perhaps it may be worth having a word

with your ms nurse or gp.


Thanks Pam

I’ll speak to gp when i see her this week about the spasms

Sam xx