Loooooooooong day

Today feels incredibly long because I am so tired. I can barely lift my arms.

Weird pain in my leg today. Back of my left thigh is so painful. It’s like an ache deep in my leg and it is throbbing. Not really felt anything like it before.

That leg feels distinctly wobbly today too, like it wants to go over. But the muscles also feel so tight in that leg, like I was doing strenuous exercise yesterday (I definitely wasn’t!!). All very strange.

Plus back of my left arm keeps spasming/quivering.

Feel like I am falling apart today… I’d best have a cup of tea and a Jaffa Cake…

PG xx

I have no idea why this post is still unpublished… Maybe my comment will jog something? Mods?

Anyhoo, aching pain is now in my waist/stomach as well as my leg. So fed up :frowning:

Boo and hiss to feeling rubbish.

PG xx

Apologies, Pandagal- was a bit slow off the mark in getting them published. You can fire away now!

Stewart (admin)

I’ve been the same this week. My left arm and leg gave up, they’re getting better but every movement is an effort. I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully it’s just a bad spell and you’ll have some good days on the way xxx