Sick and tired

Feeling very frustrated despite taking a sleeping tablet last night the pain in my left side still woke me. Amongst other things I have left sided weaknesses, from top to tail. My left arm feels like a heavy weight and has been pulled from it’s arm socket. Every night my arm or hand goes dead. My fingers buzz and tingle grrrrrrh… My left leg hurts from my hip to my toes and everyday I suffer with spasms.It was so bad that on Monday that I couldn’t drive a manual car, I had an electric charge, that’s what it felt like, down all of my leg and exitting out of my ltttle toe and the next one to it. It is not sciatic as I know how that feels.

I was referred to a gait and movement assessment centre May 14th and the outcome was that until I get the spasms under control I will keep falling and stumbling. I lost my balance at the beginning of June and caused a soft tissue injury to my right foot… it is still painful. I have been referred back to the neurologist but not until July 25th. Just sick and tired as there is no let up at the minute. I going to ring my gp today as promises of being put back on medication in May as not yet happened. Sorry for rant but like most just feeling sick and tired of it all today. Lou x

LouLou If the medication you were on helped then insist you are prescribed it again if you get no joy from your G.P the speak to your M.S nurse and she will advise your GP of the medication you should be taking. Best of luck Jan

Hello LouLou Rant away, I know how you feel. I’ve been feeling ratty all week and I don’t even know why…nothings changed :slight_smile: Take Jan’s advice above and good luck:-) xx

Thanks, feeling like a real rant so going to open a new thread…