Stupid legs :(

I’m really struggling with my legs over the last 24 hours. They are really heavy and wobbly and I now have a bruise on my ankle from kicking it with my other foot, and a broken shoe from tripping! It’s so frustrating. Even with my stick today my walking has been pretty rubbish. Took me twice as long as normal to do the 0.3 miles to the shop. It’s been 6 and a half weeks since my last migraine, things are not improving, and all my migraine neurologist says is oh it’s most likely just residual (took me ages to remember that bloody word!) effects from the migraine! Bearing in mind she’s not seen me since May and said then my balance was poor and my optic discs pale. The neurologist who I saw a few weeks back thinks the MRI will show lesions, but my migraine neurologist wrote to my GP saying she thinks the MRI will be normal. I just want to know now why this is happening. And if its going to be a permanent thing I want to know now so I can make plans for the future! I’m waiting to hear back from the on call neuro (migraine neuro on holiday for 3 weeks) so I can ask about starting a course of steroids to try to improve things. Can’t cope with just being told oh just wait til after your MRI anymore! Sorry for the rant x

((((((BIG HUGS)))))) Littlekit. It is so hard when walking is difficult. I can completely sympathise. Everything else becomes such a chore when you can’t get around. I will be keeping my fingers and everything else crossed that something shows up and you get some answers.

Sharon xx

Thanks Sharon. It’s just really getting me down today. Especially with leaking 3 times too :frowning: luckily got to the toilet pretty quickly so didn’t wet myself completely :frowning: x

Hope you’re having a slightly better day today xx

Physically yes. However spent several hours at my parents where they, my sister and her partner proceeded to take the p*** out of me for over an hour. To say I was upset was an understatement. My mum and sister basically think its all in my head. Even with the bruises I managed to give myself yesterday :frowning: x

Oh no, you’re really having a rubish time at the moment. Easier said than done, but, just try and ignore them. You know it’s not in your head and you’re the only one that counts. Your doc doesn’t think it’s in your head as you’ve been referred. Keep your chin up and i hope the bruises fade soon. If you need to rant pm me

Sharon xx

Thanks hun. Saw my dad today and he said its stupid that I can’t claim any financial help or get any treatment yet cos no firm diagnosis. Like he said they’ve been saying for the last 6 years they think its MS so they should just hurry up and give the diagnosis lol. So at least he believes me. Just fed up cos money is really tight, can’t get hold of the neurologist and my walking is deteriorating again. Such a relief to have you guys to talk to x

Just tried posting 3 smiley faces on here! My smiley faces have been queued for moderation! So please imagine them. They will no doubt turn up! X

Haha thanks. I’m sure they will. Waiting on a call back from the on call neurologist x