Well 4 day break with kids walking around every day for 8hrs and I hurt everywhere and did within an hour of first day. This was despite regular breaks to sit down and rest every hour. One day I couldn’t even get ny legs inthe car I hhad to use my arms to lift them in I was so exhausted and just list the ability to even do that momentarily! !! Ny daughter kept fretting was I sick because of my slow wobbly walk etc. Ffs I have done marathons and can’t even walk an hour now. Am I that unfit cos neuro exan in sept said tone and strength ok (brisk reflexes and equivocal plantar). Waiting results of mri but really horrified by this A xxx

Sorry for all spelling mistakes! ! Grrrr

Oh dear, Arwen :frowning: Are you going back to your GP? I would, if I were you. Hope you recover from your holiday soon!!!

Hi, well I guess it was different to what`s normal for you.

You kept on going day after day, because you had to.

maybe if you plan anymore excursions for more than a day, think about hiring a wheelie, eh?


Oh Arwen, I’m really sorry you have struggled so much.

I can’t really offer any advice, but will say that you are not alone…I had a hospital appointment yesterday and it was a long way from the entrance and I struggled to make it. My right leg went almost completely numb from the knee down and it was such an effort to make it work properly. I kept having to stop.

I really hope you’re feeling better soon. Perhaps it may be worth trying to chase the MRI results??

I don’t know Reikki I’m not sure if there is a point or if they’ll just say wait until follow up with neuro. I do very rarely go to gps for some reason-probably cos never taken as a kid unless urgent so hangover from that lol I must have been the only person I know to get 1 day off school due to glandular fever despite feeling awful! !! Axx

Thanks Poll and Purple. I really did wish I had a wheelie but then I didn’t want to frighten my kids when I’m trying to hide as much as I can at the moment and apart from funny speech that they copy sometimes and holding onto me in the dark thought I was doing a good job of it :’(. If haven’t heard by Monday will see if neuro secretary can shed any light on mri as it will be 3weeks then. Axx

Hi Arwen sorry your not feeling too great, it must be hard with a young family. I noticed you mentioned having glanduar fever this seems quite a popular illness to have had with us msers i was just discussing this the other day with a colleague whose brother has ms and had glandular fever when younger. I too had a dreadful time with this illness when i was 18, it would be interesting to know how many of us have had this illness on this site. I have read a quite a lot about there being a connection. After me ranting on about this I really hope you feel better soon and you get some answers. Take care Karen x

Hi Arwen, I have just been saying to my husband how many of us have these symptoms, which seem so hard to diganose. Surely, they can’t add up to nothing? Like you I have trouble with my legs and have to have them lifted in to the car at times. When I do struggle by myself I look hilarious but stubbornness makes me try. It is like my yesterday preparing a good bye buffet for our daughter who is leaving home or your walk with your kids, you do it because you want to be there for them. Now I am paying the price and my legs are no good today and I am stuck in bed. This is a safe place to let off steam and hopefully if not find answers relate to others going through the same thing. I too have had glandualr fever, not once but twice, also I still have swollen glands and constant sore throats. Is there a link, some say there is. I hope you get your results soon. I will be interested to say what they say as I too have brisk reflexes…

Take care whilst, you wait.

Thanks Karen and Loulou. I think you’re right you really do try and keep going especially with a young family and also without a dx I had at the back of my head “what if you’re just seriously unfit now” ! It is odd how many of us had glandular fever isn’t it? I felt so awful with it all I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn’t do up the collar on my school shirt my neck swelled that much lol. Slowly plodding through holiday wash today and have only fallen downstairs twice so bonus! !!! A xx

Aw Arwen, just sending you a massive hug Keep your chin up :slight_smile: x

Thanks nindancer xx

That must have been awful for you Arwen. I know what you mean with kids etc. We adopted our boy in Feb this year, and I don’t have the enregy to play with him as much as I did, and he’s only 4 bless him. When I have a lie down, we just say that mummy is tired

A big hug for you, and I hope you’re feeling better soon xx