Major leg ache

Good morning all Early last week I put a thread up about my left leg which felt strange but after 2/3 days it eased a lot, anyway here we are, it’s woken me up and aches all the way down the back like mad. I’ve got up to walk around and it eases very slightly but it’s made me shiver with the feeling - despite it being pretty warm in the house. I’ve had some paracetomol to try and take edge off but it’s almost as if I have to breathe through it. Wonder if this is similar to others’ experiences? It’s not a sharp pain but a strong ache all down the back and it’s strong enough to not only keep me awake but I feel wide awake with it at 4am!

Sorry for the two submissions

Have you seen anyone about this? Have you any infected bites on your leg? Or it could be a symptom of your condition. Phone your docs, or talk to 111? I think that’s the new number for nhs direct. Tell them about it and see what they say. Best of luck and I hope it’s sorted soon xx