Grateful for any thoughts!

Hello, I hope its OK to post. Before I waste a doctors time during a pandemic, thought it might be worth seeing what anyone thought! A few weeks ago I had shooting pains that started in side of neck, then either goes up the back or to the side of temple. I still have them but they were worse when they started. It was around then I think tinnitus started. Two nights ago, when I got into bed my legs got a life of their own! I can’t describe it but couldn’t stay still, I think having looked it up it’s called restless legs. When I got out of bed in middle of night as couldn’t stand lying in bed any longer, my right leg and foot were numb and felt waxy and warm and a bit weak. Since then it’s felt the same, when I stroke areas of my right leg it’s painful on the skin, and have the same sensation of numbness and sensitive skin pain on my back on right, around the bra strap. My legs feel like jelly too. Hope this wasn’t too long, and nobody minds me posting as I know my symptoms haven’t been going on for that long. The other thing my husband and I thought was shingles, but apart from feeling wobbly I feel well, and I don’t have a rash. Would be grateful for anyone’s thoughts, as I’d prefer not to use up the time of a doctor unnecessarily at this time. Many thanks!

Is this the first time you’ve had any odd symptoms like this? I get the wobbly legs occasionally too, it’s a new symptom for me, and am yet undiagnosed myself. Although my GP is supportive, so get yours to ring you back and have a chat over the phone. For what it’s worth, getting things written down on your record is a good thing, it records when you started with this stuff. Going forward, keep a symptom diary would be my advice. In the end you might be sat in front of a specialist and a list of symptoms will be invaluable.

Hope you feel better soon. Try and avoid stress.

Definitely make an appointment with your GP. That’s what they are there for. I think they are still quiet, as people are thinking like you, not wanting to take up a doctor’s time if it turns out to be something trivial. It may well be a telephone consultation initially.

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Thanks both for taking the time to reply. About 3 years ago I went to the doctors, I was very dizzy (which has never gone away) and right hand felt a bit numb and a little weak. I did go back about the dizziness but other than that didn’t pursue it. Hope your symptoms go away ninja mum or you get a diagnosis

Definitely one for the GP. Keep notes and dates of what’s happening to you, too.

Good luck.