Feeling a bit lost

Hello All, I have been reading posts for a few months now, and have refrained from posting as I didn’t feally know where I fitted in. I think it’s also easy to convince yourself of symptoms sometimes, if you are reading about them. However, After a variety of symptoms, which are not in my head. I have found myself feeling particulary bad, so thought I would ask for some advice. I woke up this morning with severe pain in the back of my neck, and also in my lower back. I have had head pains that feel a little bit like synus pains, itching deep within my ear, and this morning, I am feeling a little bit disorientated when I stand, a bit unbalanced. All of this, is in adition to the ongoing tingling in my legs when I walk any distance, and an increasing uncomfortable sensation in my arms and legs, as soon as I get into bed. And on top of this, my arms feel like they are made of lead. Oh, and I have been feeling jittery, all over my body for the past week. A bit like when you have had too much caffeine, only I don’t drink coffee. Of course, I am not expecting anyonw to give me a diagnosis, but I have read enough on here to think that people have enough experience to offer something of an insight, and can offer an informed opinion. So please, feel free to offer any advice, I am all ears. I have been waiting patiently, as I have a Neuro appointment on 16th Oct. However, I am tempted to go back to my GP tomorrow, as I don’t think I am fit for work tomorrow. I have also been off for thepast two weeks. Sorry that this is a bit of a waffle, Best wishes to all x