Neuro app through

Ok. well Ive got neuro app for 3rd July, which isnt too far in the distance. But what do i do in the meantime? Im feeling particularly cr*ppy this week. Eyes blurred (ON), right arm jerking a few times a day, legs are aching. Numbness in random areas, My ribs hurt and back goes into spasms. My GP is probably the most unsympathetic person in the world, who actually doesnt even look up when I go into his room. Said he wouldnt give me anything for the twitches and jerks in my right arm. Ive got yet another app with GP next week as he will only sign me off work for a week at a time (even though I cant see properly to drive to my work), and on each certificate he puts something different.. one said ON and the other said pain and numbness. Im not liking this limboland, and yet each day there is some new 'symptom' to deal with and worry about. Im 48 years old and have been telling my GP for over 2 years that I just dont feel well. Am so tired I want to cry most of the time. Cant even get in the bath to relax as I feel so weak and like  Im going to pass out; so I have to get in a very quick cool shower each day now.  Am I just getting old (as my Mum pointed out to me today) and falling to pieces? Is my brain making new things up as Im stressed about it all? I dont know what to think at the moment. But I feel like my life and my body are falling to pieces. Im normally such a positive person but today I just want to curl up and cry :( xx




Hi paulamah, its such a slog sometimes isn't it?  I can't really advise you, I'm going through the mill at the moment too, and having a really bad couple of days myself, and it sucks when all the usual 'chill out' solutions, such as hot bubble baths, or a glass or two of wine, are out of the question 'cos they make you feel so much worse!  I too think sometimes/maybe its all in my head (some of it is, I have the scan to prove it! lol!), stress? age? how can I possibly feel so crap in so many different and diabolical ways?!  I too cope reasonably well most of the time, but some days just are too much, and I think you just need to give yourself permission to be justifiably fed-up, have a grumble, a moan, a good old howl, and remember that tomorrow is another day, and it maybe a better one xxx

thanks hunny. lets give ourselves a big (((hug))) and feel sorry for ourselves today. You're right, tomorrow is another day and I too hope we both have a better one xxx

I know it's really hard, but you have to stay strong and not give in to the doubts. Getting older does not give anyone ON - it is very real and it is not right. Hopefully the neuro will get on the case properly in July (as well as sorting out meds to help your symptoms), but in the meantime I do think you need to speak to your GP surgery's practice manager about the sick notes (absolutely STUPID situation that is just adding to your stress and possibly making symptoms worse) and if you don't get any joy perhaps speak to PALS.

Rest as much as possible and stick to cool showers (hot baths are a no no for most of us).

Karen x

thank you Karen.  I will be taking your advice Monday morning xx