Advice? Feeling like I’m losing my mind!

Hi All,

i don’t really know what or why I’m here really, but I’ve been popping on to this site for about a month now, as you guys kept popping up on my google searches (I know the dreaded dr google) I’m just after a bit of support really I think, i’m feeling rather deflated with my health. I’ll start by saying I have been back and forth to the GP for various reason for about 3 years. My symptoms have been from severe headaches out of nowhere? MRI was normal. Then after I had my son (3 in October) I have had this weird numbness in my right thigh it feels as if there’s a freezing cold slab of meat resting there? It’s strange, dr did blood test they came back fine and as far as my doctor was concerned that was that, that numbness comes and goes every few weeks. Then I started to have issues with my vision it’s very scary, I start to have white flashes from the outside and within 20 minutes my vision completely goes a pure white? It can last an hour or the whole day? Doctor said it is a non headache migraine? So that’s been left as that, but the last year I have been suffering extreme vertigo, this has driven me i and cannot cope, I went to the doctor who again did blood test all ok that was July last year, I had to go back to the doctors again in November as the vertigo was so bad and it was affecting my daily life especially at work! The doctor referred me to a neurologist, who I met in June this year, since then I have had an MRI 23rd July, and an EEG 18th July, I’ve not heard a single thing back as yet, as according to the neurologist secretary they are still waiting for the EEG results, it’s been 5 weeks is this normal? I’ve been experiencing pins and needles in my last 3 fingers on my left hand for about 2 months also, and I had to go to the doctors for more bloods due to extreme tiredness, I feel like I’m not really with it? It’s hard to explain as if I’m not in my own body just floating through? I get lost in my train of thought all the time! I also have a chest tightness as if my bra is too tight, I have to repeatedly yawn to feel like I’m taking a deep breath? I’m so sorry I really don’t know what I’m looking for :frowning: The neurologist hasn’t mentioned anything about an issue he thinks it could be though?

Sorry for rambling I’m just so fed up.

Love to you all!

Thanks for listening!

Kerry x

hi kerry

the consultants write to your gp, if polite they copy you in to the letters but many don’t.

ask your gp if s/he has heard anything.

meanwhile write down all your symptoms - when they began, if they got better/worse.

this is to make a picture in words for yourself.

it can also help the neuro.

it can’t be easy with a 3 year old but resolve not to let stress get to you, it will just make it all worse.

deep breathing helps to calm you down.

mindfulness meditation is based on breathing.

it is impossible for anyone on here to say what is wrong but we have all been there and know from experience that there are better and worse ways of dealing with it.

enjoy spending time with your son. you may need lots of rest so share stories and books with him.

have lots of cuddles as therapy.

complementary therapies can be helpful so see what is on offer close to you.

wishing you a happy outcome.


Hi Carole,

sorry I wrote a reply yesterday then it disappeared!

Thank you for your reply, I have spoken to my GP but they haven’t had the results either. They said to call the consultant secretary which I have but she’s not very nice if I’m honest.

I do try not to get stressed, I also have a 10 year old daughter as well as my little boy they’re great, I do feel bad for them as I’m just completely exhausted. I work full time and when I get home I’m just dead on my feet, it’s such a shame, I just wish I could go back to feeling somewhat ‘normal’ again.

My Neuro hasn’t mentioned what he thinks it might be, but I have only gone to him because of the vertigo, which is just horrendous, I will mention everything else to him if I ever see him again!

Have you had to have the EEG before? I just wish someone would tell me what’s wrong, it’s been a long 3+ years of feeling like I’m just existing and not living at all!

Thank you again for your reply!

Kerry x

i promise you that kids want your time not your ability to play football.

your daughter will enjoy being a grown up girl and helping you out.

your 3 year old will enjoy being a little boy, as they do.

all ages enjoy having stories told to them and books read to them.

in a previous life i was a nursery/reception class teacher so i know this for a fact.

i seem to remember EEG but can’t remember what it actually entailed.

my brain is so feeble

that could well be due to my age and the fact that i drink a lot of gin!

i’m afraid that 5 weeks is normal for results to come through.

stay strong. xxx

Ohh I love a gin!

I have tried to reply to you over the last few days but when I send it says server error! I will try and respond properly again soon!

Kerry xx

Hi Kerry,

Welcome to the forum.

You might be having problems with posting messages if you’re including emojis in them as I had a similar problem when I first joined as I kept getting the same message - server error.

It might just be that whatever you’re using (App) on your phone, tablet or computer to do the messages on and then send might not be compatible for the site.

Try sending the message again without adding any emojis, if you have been.

Hope that helps.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi twinkle toes,

thank you I will remove the emojis! Thank you!

Kerry xx

Hi Carole,

Thanks again for your reply, yes my kids love reading and being read too and watching movies snuggled up on the sofa, but as a Mum I just wished I was able to do more without feeling like I need a nap in between!

Oh I do love Gin and red wine!

I’m hoping to hear something back from the Neuro next week as it’ll be 7 weeks since the MRI and 6 weeks since the EEG, Just a bit on contact would be nice! I don’t really know what i’m Expecting as MS was never a thought in my mind, but after doing a bit of research it seems very Plausible, I haven’t discussed with the Neuro any other symptoms other than the awful vertigo, as I assumed that’s all he would want to hear about, as that’s why I was referred but I think I should do a list? Or at least tell him about the numbness in my leg, and the new annoying pins and needless in my fingers? I just don’t know where to begin without sound like a hypochondriac!? I would love the Neuro to day right this is what we’re looking at, at the moment etc? It’s a difficult for us as we’re literally living with the feelings and the symptoms of whatever it is and they are too busy to go through everything with everyone? I’m not sure, I’m just glad I can pop on here!

thanks again

Kerry xx

hi kerry

if you are a gin afficionado you need to look on the brain fog thread on everyday living.

there are loads of us on there!!

have you tried english lavender gin because it’s lush.