Advice needed please ...

Hello to all and thanks in advance for reading my post, I’m new to this site but have found a wealth of knowledge amongst all the posts I have been reading.

My name is Vanessa and I am 44yrs old, mum of 3. I have experienced various ( what I now know to be ) neurological symptoms for the past 10/12 yrs with things worsening during the last 18 mths, severe vertigo, balance problems, falling over / stumbling ect, pins and needles / numbness of my left hand,weak jelly legs, the list goes on, but it was neck pain that went on for 8 wks that finally had me running to my gp for help and so I was sent for xray of neck and a head MRI scan, when the MRI scan showed up abnormalities my gp made an urgent referral for me to see a neurologist and I was lucky enough to bag myself an app 4 days later …

My neurologist, coincidentally an MS specialist showed me the images and explained there were multiple lesions found on my brain, did the usual tests ect and has requested a LP which I’m waiting to hear about and further head and spine MRI’s booked for April 5th, he has booked my next app with him for 3 months time, assuring me when we meet again he will have a diagnosis for me ?! This seems pretty quick to me judging how difficult diagnosing can be and also my app to see him is at his MS clinic, which makes me think he is fairly sure of the outcome of the other tests !!

This has all happened in the last 4 wks so it’s all abit much for me to take in but heres my main concern atm …

I started a new job in the new year and am currently on a 3 month probation period which ends at the end of this month when I will be offered a permanent contract, its quite pysically demanding and prior to starting the job I had to fill in a medical questionaire but I wasn’t completely honest though I did declare I had suffered from vertigo. Now I feel in a blind panic … when do I tell my new employers about what is going on … do I wait for a DX or let them know I’m having problems now ? Will I have to admit to having health probs in the past but not declaring them ? I feel so stupid and although I’m able to hide and deal with the symptoms atm if I get a positive DX then thats not likely to last … please … any advice will be gratefully received …

Hello and welcome Vanessa,

When you first filled in your medical form you told them the truth as you knew it at that time. My suggestion would be, wait until you have a firm dx and then tell your boss. If you are still able to do the job you shouldn’t be discriminated by the fact you have MS. You are lucky that you haven’t got long to wait for a dx, so I’d bide your time until it’s definate. Others on here may well say different but remember this is just my view.

I sincerely hope it all works out well for you and do let us know how you get on.

Take care

Janet x

Hi Vanessa, and welcome to the site

Wow - after all those years everything’s suddenly moving very quickly! Tbh, that’s not anything to be too concerned about - sometimes things just happen that way. And it’s definitely for the best - the sooner you get a diagnosis, the sooner you can get the right support and get on with things again. It does sound rather like a diagnosis of MS is likely, but there’s no point in second guessing until all the results are in.

In the meantime, work. I’m very surprised that they gave you a medical questionnaire. Employers aren’t actually allowed to ask medical questions any more - it’s against the law unless the job is excluded from the rules. It’s also perfectly legal for prospective employees (as well as existing employees) not to disclose medical conditions. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know the ins and outs of the Equality Act, so I really can’t advise on your particular position, but you could check with the CAB.

I guess the most important question is are you good at the job? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Having a diagnosis won’t mean that the symptoms you’ve been dealing with for more than 10 years are suddenly going to get worse. If anything, life will get a bit easier because you’ll be able to get the right meds and therapy to keep them under control. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t say a word to your employer. You might have to at some point, but hopefully not for many years. Do check with the CAB about not disclosing everything on the form though. Better to be sure.

I hope everything works out fine.

Karen x

Thank you both so much for your replies, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and yes, I think I will at least wait for a def diagnosis before I worry about this anymore ! I have enough things to worry about atm I guess, so my work can take a backseat for now !

I’ve a feeling I will become a regular here in the forums in the future so look forward to getting to know everyone a little better and will continue to post updates as my journey into the unknown unfolds …

Thanks again and take care

Vanessa x

Thanks Rebecca. That’s really useful info.


Hiya…sorry to hear of your job predicament and al the tests etc you are having re poss MS. Its good in a way that your neck probs promted further investigation, leading to where you are now…

re job…I personally would wwiat til a dx before dsclosing anything. They are not allowed to ask re disability at an interview or age for that matter…but yes a medical questionaire is ok after a job offer to you. As yoy say its too early so leave things but of course as Karen says the CAB maybe useful. You dont have to declaire a disability in the interview/selection process…and if you are confident with the job description and you ability to fulfill that role…then theres no problem.

hope the tests go well and you get some answers…welcome to the site…;_0


Hi Vanessa

Welcome. I’d be inclined very much to agree with Rebecca. It’s mainly so they don’t give you manual lifting duties if you have a bad back for example, etc.

Mr S