Some advice please

Hi, I’m new here, just some advice please I’ve recently had a MRI from the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow Brain only, no spine, my results came back this morning after a few weeks wait, what it said was only minor changes in my brain due to my age…nice :slight_smile: The neurologist that I seen a few weeks ago has gave me a diagnosis of FND, her exact words in the letter are, I don’t think there is an ongoing organic neurological disorder. So that was it, I was out the door, left with all my symptoms fatigue, poor memory, dizzyness and balance problems, what I would call that horrible electrical pain that goes down my right arm, that’s the only way I can describe it, pins and needles, the numbness. Other things that come and go, I felt sure there was something else, that would show up, I just feel so awful, my life just feels like its going down hill fast, and not getting better, it has deteriorated so much over the last year its unbelievable. I know FND is a legitimate dx, but somehow I feel there is something else there that they are not picking up on. But everything seems to take such a long time to go through and the NHS waiting times are so long, and now I’ve had the MRI I don’t know where to go from here. As I’m 58 maybe I am just getting older and everything is falling apart. The neurologist that I seen I must admit was not very nice she couldn’t wait to get me out of the door, hardly listened to me, had me dx with FND within the first 5 minutes, now I feel there is nowhere to go. Just wanted to ask has anybody else been in this position and if you have any advice on how to proceed, many thanks xx

hi kiraminx

it’s dreadful when your precious appointment goes tits up due to the neuro being a plonker.

maybe see your gp and ask to be referred to a different neuro?

i know that FND is a legitimate diagnosis,

the ms trust have a booklet about it.

i’m 60 (almost) and certainly some things are bound to be due to old age and decrepitude but thankfully my ms team behave responsibly.

try not to get too despondent.

your gp should be able to help with this, perhaps a mild anti depressant.

time to treat yourself to something nice.

we are always telling each other to be kind to ourselves so go on and get that treat.