fnd advice

Hi. I have been to neuro and been told i have fnd. I was unable to do the heel toe test, walking on heels and fell back on the romberg. My mris are all fine. I also have slight foot drop and my left arm now doesnt swing when walking. Whilst i am more than happy not to have anything life threatening i was told my fnd symptoms could last a year (already been 4mths). What i am slightly confuse about is the physical symptoms like my arm and the failure to pass all the tests (i managed the tests fine when i had first mri 3mths ago) as for me these are evolving worse for me. as this is the 2nd neurologist i have seen i know that i need to accept the fnd diagnosis but i guess as i personally am feeling the symptoms worse i feel that i have been left to get on with it. Its like as ms is ruled out that is it. I know there have been a few people in the same boat so any advice on how to deal with this wouldbe helpful Thanks, ailsa x

Hi Ailsa

I dont know anything about this myself (which is why I googled it!) but there is a website I found called fndhope which looks really informative

Best Wishes

Jane x