Hi all will first start for apologizing if I shouldn’t post here but really am at a loss

brief outline of my story been under neuros for about 20mths first brain scan showed 12 small lesions and first Neuro said he thought ms as all my symptoms fitted had LP came back negative Neuro discharged me back to Gp who felt I should have 2nd opinion saw new Neuro in dec took bloods and did norm exam he thought maybe ms but this was before seeing my scans

went back yesterday for follow up from dec he disregarded my mris as there’s no change in them and said spots are only small and thinks I have FND

after reading more in to this disorder all night I no he is wrong but what can I do I feel so angry and lost

just wondered if anyone here had been in a. Similar position as this site was a great help to me when my illness first started


Hi Cody,

I’m slightly playing Devil’s advocate here, but what if he’s right? Could you be rejecting a diagnosis that is little understood, but nevertheless has a much better prognosis than MS? A diagnosis that leaves room for hope?

Many people reject a FND diagnosis because they fear they’re being labelled “mentally ill”. If you’ve been reading up about it, you’ll already know this isn’t true at all.

In your position, I think I’d be inclined to go with the flow, in case he’s right, and you have dodged a bullet! Accept anything that’s offered for FND, just in case you find out it really does help. Although FND doesn’t always resolve, there’s a much better chance than with MS (where the chance is nil), so I’d definitely try to stay open-minded about it, and hope it’s the case! It’s a much better outlook than an MS diagnosis, although I admit there’s less info and support out there.