Numb-ish leg

Good morning all

I’ve been under a consultant for over 12 months, no diagnosis as yet but Optic Neurities, further vision problems etc. etc.

Anyway, I’ve woken up this morning and one of my legs has got this really weird feeling. It’s not painful exactly but it goes from the top almost down to my ankle. Slightly tingly with it. My daughter just did “this little piggy” on my toes which normally I can’t handle because I’m so ticklish but it didn’t tickle hardly at all, wheras on my other foot it really did tickle. I can still walk fine and haven’t lost mobility or anything but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or smilarities please?

Many thanks


That’s great Jen, thank you. It’s strange because I get a lot of funny feelings, nothing unbearable at all but I’m sure strange, and this was one I hadn’t had before. I’ll note it for sure. Best regards Sam

Hi Sam,

Numb foot was my second recorded episode after optic neuritis in October. This was back in late March and I have to admit I’ve not felt fully tip-top since. LIke you the symptoms I get aren’t unbearable but they do make my life a little more difficult and I’ve noticed that any over-exersion makes them worse. My advice would be to see GP asap and ask them to push for another consult appt. GPs often carry more weight than us mere mortals, if they know how to push; my GP is very good at this in his softly spoken way.

By the way I got a tip about ginger being good as an anti-inflamatory for nerve pain and regularly drink ginger tea now, I find it helps particularly later in the day.

Anyway, best wishes to you


Hi Larks, So grateful for your reply. I seems to have eased over the day though still there a bit. Fortunately my consultant and team is excellent and can call any time as necessary without need to go to GP first. Interesting about the ginger too, definitely a fan so will give it a go. I’ve had two episodes in my right eye but as it affected same place didn’t get a diagnosis on that although have had further tests and awaiting to see consultant following these at my routine visit. Sorry to hear of yours - I do know exactly what the ON is like, but quite used to the long term vision differences now. I hope you do extremely well. Best wishes Sam