Painful muscles...

Hi all,

Who else has painful muscles in their legs? Mine have been feeling tight and painfully achy the last few weeks. I’m pretty well at the moment because my energy levels aren’t too bad, my myoclonic jerks have really reduced and my buzzing is milder much of the time but I’m suffering with this pain, burning and twitchiness in the legs. I’m strong enough though, have been up into the loft and allsorts today!

Also I have a pain in the top of my spine which causes a sharp pain to run down my arms and make my hands fuzz as if they’ve had their blood supply cut off particularly when I bend my head forward (either arm but not both at same time). I think it counts as l’hermittes but not sure. Does this back/neck/arm thing count as neurological or more likely trapped nerve type thing? Very unpleasant indeed.

Hope you’re all doing as well as can be!


Huh, serves me right for yesterday’s activities…wanted to go shopping today and get new winter stuff but am sooo lethargic and want to only sleep.

Bugg*r and blast this stupid illness (whatever mine turns out to be!)

Deb I’m not diagnosed either. I don’t recognise the sharp pain, but I did suffer badly with the muscle pain. but it has drastically reduced since I started with neurophysio and also taken up gentle swimming…it also makes me feel perkier when I go to the pool seems to reduce the fatigue.

However am currently grounded with bad eyes

Hope you feel livlier soon x

my legs ache too, especially my lower legs- seem so heavy and thick. They sometimes feel like they have an elstic band pulling them to the top of my legs and i cannot strectch them out enough to walk- anyone else get this??

I get this too, and it can be very painful. I think our muscles get used to not being used and when we do anything to stretch them they complain!! I used to walk miles without suffering ill effect but now even a 20 yard wobble can set off hours of discomfort. I suspect our bodies get more vulnerable to injury too. I’m just recovering from an inflammed Achilles tendon…

yes I also suffer from achy legs, and also my arms and fingers too. The dizzyness also is a problem, does anyone suffer from the room spinning around?


I don’t know if I have MS yet, but yes, I do get a lot of trouble with sore muscles, my lower left leg feels like I’ve run a marathon on it when I just go for a short walk. And my calf muscles are always so tight and achey, esp my left, always feel like they’re in spasm and need a good massage. I’d not have really thought of that as an MS symptom though, but I guess there are so many possible presentations.
And I’m in the middle of a spell of vertigo, been given some tablets (Prochlorperazine) and they help to a point but wear off long before my next dose. I feel as if I’m on a boat, the floor moves and sometimes the room spins (like Jan asked) so I have to hold on!
Today my left fingertips are numb, which is new and I’ve been (extra) exhausted for the past month now, sleep most of the time I’m not at work, only way I’m not having time off sick.
Thoughts with you all suffering these symptoms. xx

Hi Debxxx

Yes I have really bad leg muscles - horrible stiffness and tightness in the calfs and the front muscles that stop my foot bendng - particularly my left xx

I’ve got the hug bad at the moment too and my legs seem much worse xxjenxx

Hi Jen - strangely my ribs are also hurting at the same time, only at the front under my breasts though - maybe all the muscles decide to tighten at once! My arms/hands were aching badly for a couple of weeks but they’ve got better again mostly, not right but ok. I’ve accepted a new kind of ok! All so weird and disturbing. How are you?


Hiya…we never learn do we…up the loft!!!

I found problems with my legs the same as yours were knocked on the head quite well with Baclofen, mind you it only seems to work for 4 hrs at a time.

Must say its well worth giving it a whirl.

Watch what your up to


Hi Deb I get dreadful aching and sore muscles in my legs. Both in my quads and my calf muscles. Also in my hip joints at night - I have to keep turning over as I can’t lie very long on either side. Do you think that the pain under your breasts could be ‘the hug’. It sounds like it could be! If you are not on any meds for your pain - please see your GP - you shouldn’t have to suffer! Teresa xx

Aw, it’s so nice to get home and from work and find lovely supportive messages like this. I’m totally ker-knacked and getting impatient with the kids at school so I’ve rushed home for some me time r&r.

Do you all live with the worry of going downhill when you get even more tired and achy than normal? Bet you do. It’s nearly a year since mine first started and I’ve never been totally well since but nothing like that first 2 months when I really was properly ill. So scared of getting like that again.

I’m not sure about my rib pain - it feels like a sharp spasmy type pain but it doesn’t squeeze, so just not sure if that counts. ?

I’ve got gabapentin and tamadol in my cupboard but I stopped taking them and now if i start again I go whoozy and hate it so think I’ll wait until school hols so I’ve a chance to build tolerance up. I am in pain but it’s probably preferable than whooziness at the moment. I wish we could all have a little chat without typing cos this seems so self-indulgent! I want to ask so many questions about people’s symptoms and how these things feel.

Time for a cuppa

Hi Would love to meet up with people on here like you say, to chat and ask questions.

I have been told today I have Vestibular Mirgraine, and been put on betablockers. So glad I have answers to how I have been. Like you its nearly a yr, and the 1st 2months were the worst ever. Tried several times to go to work, but found I was dizzy, sick and fatigued.

Will let you all know how the betablockers go. Take care everyone. xx


Hi I have aching legs at the end of a working day. I was diagnosed with ms in 2009 and havnt had too many problems (touch wood). My main symptoms were tingling in my hands and feet and electric shock when I flexed my neck. I think the aches are due to tiredness as they are worse after a day at work, not there all the time.

Hi , I’m not diagnosed yet but having all the tests. Woke up this morning and had to drag my right leg out bed felt like I’d been dancing all night in heels!! Worn off now then last night I thought I’d lent in water but my arms were dry Seriously weird stuff going on had enough now Can you feel fine for few months then all symptoms come back This been going on with other symptoms for about 4 years I just want answers