neuro physio

hi folks i had another appt today with my neuro physio and as i went in she asks how iv been doing ? i said i was sore after my recent neuro gym class and i feel that my ankles are losing some range of movement and still getting stiff calfs and drop foot on the left afetr i hit a 100yrds or so walking. she sat me down and started checking my leg muscles and stated she could feel increased muscle tone more so on the left leg !! then she lay me on the bence and started manipulating legs arms shoulders and so on for about half an hour. then when she finished she said before you go lets see you walk up and down the corridor. i did it a coupkle of times and she said i think the muscle tightness in your legs is from fatuige ??? not neurological see you in two weeks WTF !!! i know i dont work any more but im not that de conditioned yet … in my job i was on my feet all day and walked about six miles a day and i finished because i could not do it ie legs getting tighter and and fatuige ?? every time i go to her i get a different attitude she p****s me off any thoughts guys regards bairdy

My sympathies! Couple of things… It’s quite common to have one side more developed than the other. In fact, most people have this, not just people with medical problems. Muscle fatigue is often found in neurological conditions. It’s nothing to do with overdoing things; it just is. For some people with MS, even the slightest exertion exhausts the muscles. I don’t know why though; not something I’ve read about. I’m rather confused how she can say that your fatigue isn’t neurological. It’s not like you just ran a marathon! Maybe she doesn’t know that you’re not working any more? (Giving her the benefit of the doubt here!) I hope she’s better next time, but if she isn’t, you could try asking to see someone else. Not sure who you’d have to speak to though. Maybe your GP could help? Karen x