can anyone relate to this...

Today, I went to buy some new clothes. I can’t manage to walk round lots of shops so just went to Asda with a George dept. I normally struggle walking round big supermarkets anyway but today was different. Normally walking round asda I get very dizzy, light headed, feel sick and get very fatigued.

Today, I was feeling all the above as normal but in the changing room I got a sudden strange pain and the weirdest tight feeling at the back of both my hips, so technically my lower back. It was so weird, never felt anything like and it made me feel so sick! I had to sit down! I felt awful. I’ve no idea how I managed to get to the car…

That was a few hours ago and I’m still feeling very weird and sick. I do very often feel weird and sick but this is just dfiffernt somehow… Sorry I am being so vague but its so hard to explain!

Can anyone relate at all? (I don’t have relapses, I’m more than likely ppms)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe a spasm? Maybe your back is complaining about how you walk, changing clothes a lot, carrying things,…?

Fatigue will bring on all sorts :frowning:

Karen x

Thanks Karen, yes my husband said something similar, he said getting changed in a small space may have brought on a spasm, just never had it there before, nor has a spasm made me feel so awful!

You think you know this illness then it throws something else at you…