Good to talk to you all again!!

Hi Everyone Well, I’ve eventually found my way onto the new site. It’s lovely to see some familiar friends! I’ve missed you all! I’ve had a few days that haven 't been so good, so wondered if I could just ask your advice? On Sunday, I was sitting with friends and suddenly felt absolutely drained and a real desire to lie down. I stood up to leave & suddenly had some sort of back spasm (I think that’s what it was!) - it felt like someone had thrown a tennis ball which had hit my back! At the same time, the fingers in my right hand went numb - all this happened within 5 minutes & all I had been doing prior to this was sitting down. I went home & spent the rest of the day in bed as I had that depth of fatigue that felt like I was dying (you will know what I mean). Monday was slightly better, but still very tired. I’ve not been ‘myself’ since then. Today I had a short walk to a friend’s (6mins or so), but my legs just didn’t want to go - it was so slow & my legs were heavy & felt like they were gripped in a vice. Stayed like that most of today. Does anyone know what may have caused this? I’ve had these things before, but not all together! Thanks so much everyone - I really value your help & input Bren2 x