Quick question...

Hi guys.

I’m having an ‘episode’ which started over 5 weeks ago. Numbness/tingling from the waste down.

About a week ago things started to improve until almost, but not quite, back to normal.

Today the feeling in my feet is worse again.

My question is, is this unusal? Do symptoms usually improve and stay that way until the next replapse, or can they worsen again before they get better?

Kaz x

Apologies… from the WAIST down!

Apologies… from the WAIST down!

Recovery is never in a straight line so it’s absolutely normal to have bad days in amongst the better days, especially if we’ve been overdoing it, have got a bit too hot or fatigued, etc. Hopefully you’ll be back on track again tomorrow.

Karen x

Thank you!! That helps too :slight_smile: xx

I was going to ask the same question kaz, my spasticity, numbness, weakness in legs has been ongoing for nearly 2 months, a week ago after baclofen i felt better but as of yesterday im wall walking and barely at that, i had to stop several times doing a less than few seconds walk… im feeling i need a wheelchair as im totally stuck t o the house or a chair. Im going away with family soon and worried ill ruin the holiday.

Thanks karen again, you always manage to offer reassurance. I was feeling very down after thinking i was getting better then BOOM back to not being able to get around.

Hope youre back on track soon kaz hun

kel x