So annoyed! :-(

So, I have appt with neuro Monday…

…Im not technically safe to drive, but I can

…Theres no one who can take me there (family miles away, friends at work)

…I cant afford a taxi (£15 there and £15 back) and your not able to claim back taxi fares

…I cant walk far enough to get to the train station (2 trains)

…I cant get a but as its a wal to bus no. 1 then to bus 2. which will leave me exhausted and probably take me 2 hours anyway (appt at 9am)

…and I dont qualify for any Hospital Transport.

How exactly am I meant to get there…?

Looks like Im driving then! :frowning:

Just a thought, but maybe your local MSS branch can help?

Worth a try!

Karen x

Thats terrible, why can’t you get hospital transport, take good care, Jean x

Contact your gp surgery, they often have a bunch of their own volunteers who can take you, if not if you need hospital transport then the gp has to order it the first time.

@greenhouse - apparently you have to be housebound or wheelchair bound.

@ggmarch - This is what my sons hospital said… then I asked the GP and she said you have to ask the hospital… so asked my hospital and they put thenumber on the appointment letter… and those people say you have to be housebound or wheelchair bound.

However, Im in touch with a group called homestart who help parents and families so Im hopefully able to get a ride from them!

Ps…my GP is a useless woman who when I went to her struggling with my relapse told me theres nothing that can be done so I might aswell live with it until i see neuro… and also almost said that there wasnt any medicine that could help with muscle stiffness until i started to mention that Id read about something… and then suddenly remembered baclofen… but said there was nothing else though.

Sorry… Im mad at the world today!

As you are so close if I could of helped I would, but in a bad way myself, and daughter at Russells Hall in the morning and hubby having a camera in a place you really dont want one at Sandwell in the afternoon.

So sorry. let us know how it goes.


Home start are always good, the other thing is do you have a dial a ride service. This is usual a voluntary small donation type thing that you can book in advance.

Pip… no, you have your own worries! Think I should be able to sort it anyway… Im just mad today lol

Homestart are awesome! Ooh Im going to investigate Dial A Ride. Thanks :slight_smile:

P. x

Hi, different PCTs must have different rules. A neighbour of mine is neither housebound nor wheelchair user, but she gets hospital transport.

I will be asking for it when I get the appointment at Leeds…but as you know, i am a full time wheelie.

Hope you find something.

luv Pollx

Hospital transport is usually means tested…and if you get mobility allowance it is intended to be used for these things so no hospital transport.


A thought I had was, if you cant walk to a train or bus,and you cant drive then whether you like the label or not arent you technically housebound?


No, coldnt come under house bound cause I could get a taxi… but the hospital is the other side of the city and to get there and back would cost £30 which I cant afford, and cant claim back.

Homstart lady is trying to get me a volunteer driver though so all is well. :slight_smile: Yay!

In case I forget I hope you get on ok at your appt and get the outcome you are hoping for

Take care


:slight_smile: thanks pip… looking forward to seeing whats next!