Advice needed with regards medication and falling asleep before meds

Hi everyone I promise I’ll try and keep this short and sweet I have been pretty tired with having willow home however I have found the more I do keeps fatigue at bay. However as soon as i sit down I could sleep. Tonight I sat down to give willow her milk at 7,30 in Callum’s bed though the 2 monkeys had other ideas and kept giggling, egging each other on Anyway eventually they settled just before 9 and we all fell asleep on fall bed woke at 12.30 put willow in her cot Have now taken my meds but I worry I’ll sleep in This happened on mon night / tues morning and didn’t wake until 8.40 good job mum was doing nursery run. I worry about the Amitripiline when I take it later. Should I take less if this happens! I got woken up to disney junior fireworks they’re still on so now going to switch them off before I fight with the tv lol

Hi Em

I’m only on 20mg of amitriptyline but I’ve been on it for nearly 5 years now (I started on 10mg but had to increase the dose after a year). It doesn’t seem to affect me so much in the mornings so it doesn’t matter how late I take it. I just take it when I’m gettng ready for bed even if it’s nearly midnight. I can still get up at 8 am the next morning without too much of a problem. I’ve never been a morning person anyway but once I’ve had a shower I’m reasonably alert. I do like a good lie in once a week though :wink:

Tracey xx


when i took it gp said ok to take at 6pm to have less drowsy effect in a.m. it worked for me. maybe worth experimenting-under gp guidance of course.

ellie x