Sooooo tired

Hi all, this is really getting me down, I have gone from not being able to sleep to wanting to sleep all the time. I am still working full time and when I am at home just seem to want to sleep. Take yesterday for instance, I went to bed at about 10 pm fri night and slept till 5pm on sat my whole day gone !! Last night I went to bed at 1130 only been up for 6 and a half hours and I made myself get up at 11am this morning. I have just prepared a meal and am so tired again. I feel like my quality of life is slowly diminishing, just seem to work and sleep. I love my job and would be devastated if I have to give it up. It’s not a role that I could do part time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Karen x

Chat to your doctor about drugs to help your fatigue amantadine is one that might be prescribed. Hope it helps

Hi Karen

I am no expert on this and I am sure more people will come up with better advice but it seems to me this is fatigue not tiredness as they are two completely different things. I have the opposite to you and can’t sleep but I went through a period of fatigue and it is awful. I thought I was lazy until my GP told me otherwise. My neuro talked about a drug that can be perscribed but I couldn’t start it at the time as I was starting DMD’s and due to side effects etc he said he would consider it later once the DMD had been sorted but obviosly I don’t need it anymore so I would speak to your MS nurse if you have one. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this drug but I am sure they will be able to give you something and hopefully it will pass soon.

Take care


Hi Karen,

Do you think it may be the drugs that are making you feel this way? I know fatigue is horrible but sometimes the drugs we take make us tired as well, maybe you need a change in your drugs. I suggest you have a chat to your ms nurse, I’m sure she’ll be able to advise you. Sending ((((HUGS))))



Hi Karen

I think modifinil (hope I spelt that right) is sometimes given for fatigue too as well as amantadine. Some people favour better with one but it’s worth a shot. Fatigue’s a nightmare so definitely go see your GP or speak to your MS nurse for advise.