Fatigue meds

Hello everyone! Like most people on here I suffer chronic fatigue , think its a mixture of my pain meds( OxyContin ) also ms. I haven’t quality of life as I’m just constantly tired, 3 kids Christmas round the corner and am so unorganised and too tired to really care!! After a chat with my gp he has given me amantadine 2x100mg per day to try, I wanted to ask if anyone else had tried this ? If so was it any good? Does it have bad side effects?? I have taken my first pill this morning and live in hope!! If this doesn’t help does anyone know of anything or tried anything else that helps?? Thanks Margaret x

Hiya Margaret

Sorry I haven’t tried this one (yet). I did try Modafinil that some people can get from GPs but it is getting a bit more difficult for that one to be prescribed. You can only ask, though.

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I tried amantadine some years ago and it seemed to help in the beginning. Unfortunately, after a few months it seemed to be making things worse so I stopped taking it. I know that some people do really well on it though.

I tried amantadine again when my fatigue upped its game the following year, but it didn’t work at all that time. I managed to persuade my GP to prescribe modafinil instead and I’ve been on that ever since: it’s been brilliant for me. It doesn’t work for everyone though. Nothing does :frowning:

I hope you’re lucky with amantadine :slight_smile:

Karen x

I tried Amantadine and found that being a light sleeper, it actually kept me on the wrong side of awake at night. I am on amatriptalyne now and this does help a little as a by product.

Good luck


ive asked my dr for something to take for the tiredness i get all the time, but she keeps gettin me to have blood terst after blood test to see if theres anythin else causing tiredness, she knows i have ms and has dicounted all the other tablets im on, but keeps getin me blood tested, what can i ask the dr to put me on? apart from anotrher blood test.

I take Amantadine and for me it is brilliant,though as people have said it doesnt work for everyone. I tried Modafinil and it did nothing. Good luck with Amantadine

Marilyn x

Like most of us with MS - we need our vit B12 levels kept high. Just google vitamin B12 deficiency ms.

Someone on this site recommended Spirulina. l looked it up on the web and decided to try it as it contains lots of b vits and iron and is supposed to increase energy levels and fight fatigue. lts a natural organic supplement containing more essential nutrientsthan almost any food available - 50 times more iron then spinach.

l read all the reviews about it - many from elderly people who have been taking it for years - and are still very active for their age. As it contains a lot of the vits/mineral/amino-acids that l already take in supplement form - it means that this one bottle saves me from swallowing loads of pills. l still take vitd3 10,000ius daily - Got my Spirulina from Amazon ‘Rainforest Foods’.

l am hoping that l become as strong as ‘Popeye’ and can take anyone on at ‘Arm Wrestling’.!

As most of you know- l also take LDN - which has helped me with fatigue and brain fog.


Vitamin B12 is incredibly difficult for the body to ingest orally. If you find you have a reduced B12 level then sub cutaneous injections are the way forward.

I’ve been taking amantandine for a couple of months after the first couple of days, really noticed a difference. I still needed a sleep in the afternoon but would wake from it feeling refreshed and ready to cook a proper tea and felt like I had had a proper evening, fitting in some chores and finding time to watch TV etc. I noticed that whilst I was at work I was less tired and could achieve more work in less time and seemed to have less brain fog. I didn’t need to set an alarm to remind me to take the second tablet as I could feel it wearing off and knew it was time for the booster tablet, lol.

As the school term goes on (I’m an administrator at the local high school) I find the fatigue winning again and all I want to do is sleep. This is still an improvement as I would usually have hit this point several weeks ago and I have had extra stress this year which I’m sure won’t have helped.

I will persevere with the tablets in the New Year after I have had two weeks off and hopefully can make a fresh start again and they will work for me again.